Eurasian chemical market

CIS Production and Market of Chlorohydrocarbons C2

The production of chlorohydrocarbons C2 in Russia/CIS is experiencing the phase of recession. Only vinyl chloride, a monomer for PVC, is produced steadily and is in high demand. There is a deficit of polyvinyl chloride in the CIS market, especially in Russia and Ukraine. A sustained growth in consumption for this polymer expected in the years to come induces existing companies to expand their capacities and new players to appear very soon. Meanwhile, the manufacture of other ethane and ethylene chlorinated products undergoes decline. So, the production of tetrachloroethylene was ceased and there is the only one trichlorethylene manufacturer left in the Russian Federation. You will find an in-depth analysis of the production and market situation in the article published in ECM 3(78), 2011 issue.

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