Eurasian chemical market
№9(21), 2008

№9(21), 2008


Polystyrene Market in Ukraine

     Polystyrene is a plastic made by the polymerisation of styrene and used in the production of household appliances, packaging, films, and toys. The sole producer of polystyrene (PS) and styrene co-polymers in Ukraine is Concern Stirol JSC. Thus, the output of polystyrene and its co-polymers in 2006 increased by 31% compared to 2005 up to 33,669 tonnes. In 2007, the company improved...

Polymer Pipes 2008 (Moscow)

     The conference was focused on the current state and development prospects of the Russian plastic pipe market, raw materials supply, construction projects, the commissioning of new capacities in Russia, production, the marketing and consumption of plastic pipes, imports, pricing policies for Russian and global markets, standards and regulations, and ecological safety. From 2000...

Recent Developments in the PVC Market in Russia

     The Russian PVC market is booming: it has grown by 8 times for the last 10 years. To meet the market demand, the Russian petrochemical group Sibur, Solvay and Solvin made a joint effort to launch the first world-scale, fully integrated PVC plant in Kstovo, Nizhnij Novgorod Region.
     SolVin and Sibur established the RusVinyl joint venture to implement...


- Tomskneftekhim Ltd Opts for Unipol PE Process
- Latest Trends in the Ukrainian PVC Market
- Ukrainian PE Prices Flatten Out
- Russian PVC Market in August and September
- Price Hike Hits Russian Polyethylene Market
- Kaustik JSC (Bashkortostan) to Invest in VCM-PVC Production
- Weltplast Ltd (Russia) Heads for New Heights in PVC Profile Capacities
- Uzbek PE Prices Down
- Dow Izolan Breaks Ground on New Polyurethane Systems Facility in Russia
- Kronos JSC Launches Second Honeycomb
- Polycarbonate Sheet Production Line
- Svetlogorsk Khimvolokno Turns Out Antibacterial Polyester Threads

Rubbers and tyres


- Polymer-NKNH Offers Extruded Rubber Profiles for Automotive Industry
- Nizhegorodskij Linoleum Ltd to Invest USD 3.8m in Synthetic Rubber Production
- Russian Tatneft and German Continental Build New Tyre Plant
- New Pirelli Plant to Appear in Togliatti
- Kurskrezinotekhnika CJSC Reveals Its Plans for the Future
- Sibur-Russian Tyres JSC Posts Preliminary H1, 2008 Results
- Quart CJSC Focused on Healthy Growth
- Ukrainian Cord Fabric Production and Exports Decline in August
- Kazakh Venture Company Poisk Ltd Commissioned New Mechanical Rubber Goods Unit
- 15.6% Decline in Ukrainian Tyre Production in August
- Voltyre-Prom JSC (Russia) Boosts Farming Tyre Output


Naphthalene Production in the CIS

     Among the CIS countries, only Russia and Ukraine boast capacities for the commercial production of naphthalene carried out at coke-chemical plants. Currently, there are eight companies in Russia plus two enterprises in Ukraine that are manufacturing the product. The rest CIS countries act as naphthalene importers.
     The present-day production of...


- East Siberian Gas Processing Co. Names Preferred Bidder for Methanol Plant Construction
- New Oil Absorption Installation Launched at Nizhnevartovsk Gas Processing Plant
- Belarus Launches Petroleum Paraffin Plant
- Mubarek Gas Processing Plant (Uzbekistan) Completes Modernisation of Production Facilities
- Russia to Host One More Oil Processing Plant
- NZSP to Allocate EUR 415m for Sustainable Development
- First Stage of Primorje Oil Processing Plant Project to Be Over in 2013


Boric Acid, Borax and Perborates. A Review of the CIS Production

     Around 100 natural borates have been discovered in the world so far; however, only some of them are important from the commercial point of view.
     In the CIS countries, particularly, a borosilicate ore (datolite) is mined. In terms of production output, the region has a modest share (8% of the world market). In fact, only Russian companies have...


- Russia’s Berezniki Soda Plant JSC to Double Capacity
- Turkmenhimiya Extends Tender Offer for Iodine and Bromine Plant
- Ukrainian Soda Ash Producers Make Up for Slight Drop in June
- Vnesheconombank Ready to Inject USD 350m in Ammonia Complex
- Soda Ash Plant Construction in Kazakhstan to Start in H2, 2008
- Soda Ash Plant Construction in Kazakhstan to Start in H2, 2008
- August Witnesses 9.8% Increase in Ukrainian Ammonia Output and Exports


Price Trends in the Ukrainian Ammonium Nitrate Market in H1, 2008

     Ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3) is a product with a 35% nitrogen content that, beside agricultural application, finds uses in the manufacturing of explosives including ammonite (for quarries), aquanal, and ANFO, etc. According to different estimates, this sector accounts for 15-20% of the world ammonium nitrate consumption.
     In Ukraine, ammonium nitrate...

Russian and Ukrainian Markets of Amino Acid Feed Additives

     It is well known that domestic animals should be provided with balanced nutrition in order to protect them from various diseases and to maintain their weight. To achieve this aim, at least three synthetic amino acids are used: methionine, lysine, and threonine.
     The world’s amino acid market is forecast to grow at 6.8% annually up to 2013....


- MSE Displays Downgrading Fertiliser Prices
- Uralkali to Boost Potassium Chloride Prices for China
- Silvinit JSC (Russia) Boosts KCl Output
- Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers to Repeal Antidumping Duty on Russian Fertiliser Imports
- Phosphogypsum: from Waste Bin to Feed Bin
- MCC EuroChem JSC to Become First Granulated Urea Producer in Russia

Paints and coatings

Pentaerythritol Production in the World and in the CIS

     At present, global capacity for pentaerythritol amounts to some 500,000 tonnes. Perstorp АВ (Sweden) and Yihua Group (China) are leading companies in this field. Pentaerythritol finds application in the paint and coating industry as well as in the manufacturing of lubricants and pentaerythritol tetranitrate.
     Also, pentaerythritol and its derivatives...


- Ukrainian Companies Decrease Production of Paints and Coatings
- Lakokraska JSC to Resume Upgrade of Phthalic Anhydride Facility
- Novbytchim CJSC Expands its Portfolio
- Ukrainian Cuts Titanium Dioxide Production and Exports in August

Chemistry and energy


- Biotehnologii Corporation JSC Produces First Biobutanol in Irkutsk Region
- Construction of Biodiesel Plant in Armavir (Russia) Delayed
- Zheleznogorsk Hosts Russia’s First Polycrystalline Silicon Plant
- USD 2bn to Be Injected into Priargun Mining and Chemicals Association
- Biodiesel Plant in Ivanovo Region of Russia
- Karpatnaftokhim Ltd to Become Self-Sufficient in Terms of Energy

Chemistry and business


- Kazanorgsintes to Bring Annual Commercial Output to EUR 35.9m
- Voronezhsynthezkauchuk JSC Boosts Sales and Earnings
- Cherepovetsky Azot JSC Performance in First Eight Months of 2008
- Phosagro JSC Owns 95.35% Stake in Ammophos JSC
- Kuibyshevazot JSC Posts Results for 7 Months of 2008
- Shchekinoazot Ltd Announces H1, 2008 Results
- Salavatnefteorgsintez and Sibur Ink Petrochemical JV­
- Ukrainian Cabinet Approves Decision to Sell a 25% Stake in Krasitel JSC by 2009
- Sibir Provides Moscow Refinery Update
- Lithuania’s Agriveta Buys 13.4% in UkrAhro NPK

Countries and regions


- Investments in Russian Chemical Industry Might Total USD 330bn by 2020
- Krasnodar Territory Doubles Chemical Output
- Eastman Chemical Strengthens Its Presence in Russian Federation
- Azerikimya to Launch Petrochemical Complex in Azerbaijan
- Volgograd Region Displays EUR 390m Chemical Plant at Sochi-2008 Investment Forum
- US Eases Ban on Two Belarus Chemical Companies

Speciality chemicals


- Agpo Bio Kimyo Ltd Launches Disinfectant Plant
- Penta Company Presents New Water-Repellent
- RFA-Engineering Ltd Develops Optical Brightener for PVC
- Neva Cosmetics JSC Introduces New Products
- Domedco Huxley Ltd Produces Water Repellant Chalk

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