Евразийский химический рынок

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12.02.2019-13.02.2019 4th Biomass Trade and Power Europe

4th Biomass Trade and Power Europe

Centre for Management Technology (CMT) is pleased to announce the 4rd Biomass Trade & Power Europe scheduled for 12-13 Feb, 2019 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

New European demand from Denmark, the UK and the Netherlands has propelled wood pellet prices to record highs this year. Additional coal conversions by existing biomass consumers Orsted and UK generator Drax has boosted EU imports. While new demand is emerging from conversions by EPH in the UK and German utilities RWE and Uniper in the Netherlands.

During the first half of 2018, availability of spot wood pellet supply from Europe, Russia and North American has been extremely tight and in short supply. Production from the Baltic countries and Russia was lower as flooding led to difficulty sourcing material from forests. Portuguese production faced difficulty as forest fires impacted output and led to a lack of spot offers. While additional supply from North America failed to materialize with a shortage in new supply capacity and production failing to match growth in Europe.

Wood pellet prices are being boosted by growing competition between Asia and Europe for North American wood pellets as demand grows in both regions. Looking ahead the outlook for producers in Europe and North America looks positive with demand and consumption in Europe, Japan and Korea on the rise. 

Key Highlights & What to Expect 
  • Key overview of wood pellet & chip supply & demand fundamentals
  • Panel discussions from industry experts covering latest developments
  • Key presentations from utilities, producers & traders
  • Insight on supply landscape amid growing demand
  • Analysis of global wood chip supply & key players
  • Discussion on competition between Europe & Asia for wood pellet supply
  • Overview of European heating markets & pricing
Страна: Дания
Город: Копенгаген
Адрес: Отель Copenhagen Marriott
Электронная почта: huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg
Телефон(ы): (65) 6346 9113
Факс: (65) 6346 9113
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Конференции и выставки, проводимые при информационной поддержке журнала «Евразийский химический рынок»
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