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The Orzu - plastic innovation

There have been carried out a large-scale program of improving the consumptive education among people in Uzbekistan. It involves the creation of the special information channels to let a consumer to find out everything about the product's quality. That's why it is essential to pay attention not only to quality of a product but also to an image and wrappings of it.

The output of new packets is organized in the Turkish-Uzbek joint venture Orzu-Plastic situated in Tashkent. Polyethylene and polypropylene wrappings make the product especial.

According to the clients' requires we decorate the packets with the logo trademarks,- Deputy Director of the company A.Mukhamedov said. He stated that goods packaged into it would be very attractive and definitely have high quality. The company operates according to the localization program. Raw materials are supplied from Shurtangazkimyo complex.

This new technology with further increasing of production volume also creates about new ten workplaces.


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