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PET plant construction in Dzershinsk delayed

NB-Retal postponed the polyethyleneterephthalate (PET) granules plant construction in Dzerzhinsk. Previously the plant was expected to go on stream in the first half of 2006, now it is scheduled for the end of 2006 or even for 2007. For these reasons, the prime contractor selection and delivery of equipment of Germany’s Zimmer AG make have been postponed.

The Dzerzhinsk project completion timeline was rescheduled due to NB-Retal restructuring through merging with NB Europe (Lithuania). A new international company Retal Industries will comprise nine NB-Retal plants and four NB plants in Europe (two in Lithuania, one in Czechia and one in Ukraine). The company capacity will amount to 7.5 billion preforms, annual turnover is expected to exceed $300 million.

As has already reported, NB-Retal announced its plans to build a 154 000 PET granules facility on the site of the Dzerzhinsk-based Korund chemical plant. The project is evaluated at $70 million. In future the plant can be used as a base to establish up to 60 000 t/y preform and 17 000 t/y PET film facilities. PET is widely used to produce plastic bottles and packaging containers for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs.

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