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Sanyo Chemical Developed Innovative Resin Modifier- MEL-AQUA 350L

Sanyo Chemical Developed Innovative Resin Modifier- MEL-AQUA 350L

Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd. has newly developed innovative resin modifier- MEL-AQUA 350L. 

MEL-AQUA 350L makes possible to increase hydrophilicity of surfaces of polyolefins such as polypropylene and polyethylene. It can improve the coating ability and adhesiveness of polyolefins when only kneaded into them without any surface treatment. 

MEL-AQUA 350L that can give sustainable hydrophilicity to polyolefins by simply kneading to the resins and without surface treatments.

Sanyo Chemical had developed high-performance resin modifiers such as permanent antistatic agents; ELESTAT and PELECTRON products, and modifiers for polyolefins; UMEX Products as filler or pigment dispersants as well as compatibilizer to various resins. 

MEL-AQUA 350L is a polymer having hydrophobic segment with high affinity to polyolefins and hydrophilic segment. 

When approx.10 wt% of MEL-AQUA 350L is kneaded with polyolefins, its hydrophilic segment migrates to the surface of resins. 

MEL-AQUA 350L is especially effective for injection molding polyolefins, particularly polypropylene. Depending on the application, not only surface treatments but also the primer process could be omitted.

MEL-AQUA 350L can improve adhering, coating and printing abilities of polyolefins with different materials. It can be expected to broaden the versatile polyolefins’ applications further by giving more useful combination, higher functionality and aesthetic exterior to the resins.

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