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Argex Titanium Announces Reduced Opex and Increased Future Production Capacity

Argex Titanium Announces Reduced Opex and Increased Future Production Capacity

Argex Titanium Inc. announces that it reached a higher level of optimization of its titanium dioxide pigment production process allowing to further reduce its operational costs and positioning the company very favorably in comparison with other TiO2 pigment producers worldwide. The production capacity has also been revised upwards, driven by major improvements in the process which created greater efficiency, reduced capital expenses and allowed for greater flexibility.

This resulted in the ability to process greater volumes with little changes in equipment sizing. The capacity of the Technology Center will be increased to 3,000 metric tonnes/year, and that of the commercial plant to 100,000 metric tonnes/year.

These announcements follow the hiring, last February, of external experts in process engineering and design as well as of the company Process Engineering International (PEI), specialized in process engineering. The firm undertook the final assessment and optimization of Argex’s flowsheet, including heat and mass balance.

Improvements further simplified the process, reduced water and chemical inputs and perfected the morphology of the product.

The increased capacity of the Technology Center to 3,000 metric tonnes will provide for the production of commercial pigment samples on a larger scale in order to respond to the various product specifications required by clients and off takers. The construction of the Technology Center will begin once the financing is confirmed and Management expects that the Technology Center could be in operation in 2019.

This analysis also led to the decision of increasing the planned capacity of the commercial plant to 100,000 metric tonnes per year. As well, Argex Management decided to move from constructing the plant in two to three stages to one stage only, with a scale up factor of approximately 30 times between the Technology Center and the Commercial Plant, a very reasonable scale up factor by industry standards. Consequently, the 100,000 metric tonnes capacity should be reached shortly after the end of the construction of the plant, conservatively estimated to be by the end of 2022.

Argex Titanium Inc. has developed an advanced chemical process for the volume production of high-grade titanium dioxide (TiO2) for use in high-quality paint, plastics, cosmetics and other TiO2 applications. The Corporation’s unique proprietary process uses relatively inexpensive and plentiful source material from a variety of potential vendors to produce TiO2, along with other valuable by-products. Argex’s process provides a significant cost and environmental advantage over current legacy TiO2 production methods.

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