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Venator Launches New GRANUFIN® Pigments at BetonTage

Venator Launches New GRANUFIN® Pigments at BetonTage

Venator, the pigments and additives experts, has developed several brand new color pigment products for the concrete industry. The new products were launched at BetonTage Concrete Solutions – Europe’s largest precast concrete congress. 

GRANUFIN® Azur is the first cobalt blue pigment in Venator’s GRANUFIN® range of virtually dust-free, color pigments. Based on a traditional cobalt blue pigment, GRANUFIN® Azur can be used with Venator’s automatic GRANUMAT® dosing system to meet growing demand for blue colored concrete.

With demand for black concrete products also on the rise, Venator has developed several new black GRANUFIN® pigments. The new pigments include a bluish black carbon grade and a brand new hybrid pigment that combines elements of Venator’s iron oxide and carbon black pigment know-how.

Venator’s new products are the latest additions to a rich mix of granulated, liquid and powder-based color pigments that can give concrete excellent color quality. Venator’s product lines include its complementary GRANUFIN® microgranule pigments and GRANUMAT® automated dosing equipment, which together can make colored concrete quicker, cleaner and more cost effective to produce.

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