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ANWIL Invests to Innovative INNOCHEM Projects of Production Plastics and Nitrogen Fertilizers

ANWIL Invests to Innovative INNOCHEM Projects of Production Plastics and Nitrogen Fertilizers

The Włocławek company from ORLEN group has received in the second edition of INNOCHEM program a total of over 5 mil. PLN subsidy for executing two projects increasing the effectiveness of production in the area of plastics and nitrogen fertilizers. 

The first undertaking of ANWIL to receive subsidization from the National Center for Research and Development (NCBR) pertained to developing an innovative catalytic system for accelerating and deepening the process of ethylene chlorination reaction. Its purpose is to increase the efficiency of the reaction, so that as little side products emerge in the final vinyl chloride synthesis as possible.

The other project is aimed at increasing the effectiveness of the indirect method of synthesizing ammonia from hydrogen and nitrogen, being one of the basic high-pressure synthesis processes utilized in the industry on mass-scale. In the case of successful completion of the laboratory works stage, a construction of pilot installation is planned that would enable to implement and test the new solution. For ANWIL, being a manufacturer of fertilizers the primary ingredient of which is ammonia, a successful completion of the project will mean increasing production capacity. 

At present, ANWIL, in collaboration with the Main Mining Institute and the Łódź University of Technology, is conducting research works under a project subsidized in the first edition of INNOCHEM program. The Włocławek company received then almost 825 thousand zlotys for developing a solution that would increase the resistance of the polyvinyl chloride recipe to fire. If they are successful, ANWIL will proceed with implementing the innovative technology for producing PVC-based ceramizing composites.

Their application in the civil engineering industry will contribute, among others, to increasing the resistance of cable and wire coatings to fire. 

INNOCHEM is among the first sectoral programs of the National Center for Research and Development (NCBR), the purpose of which is generating innovative solutions for the Polish chemical industry, in strict collaboration with the national science sector. To this day, two competitions directed towards companies operating in this sector of the industry were completed. In both cases, companies from ORLEN Group received the subsidization.

The total subsidization pool for ANWIL under the second edition of INNOCHEM program amounts for 7.1 percent of the total amount of appropriated funds.

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