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BASF Invests in Smart Supply Chain Start-up Ahrma

BASF Invests in Smart Supply Chain Start-up Ahrma

The digital economy is forecasted to account for 25% of the global economy by 2025 with an estimated $100 trillion of value generated over the next decade. Recognizing the potential to strengthen its long-term competitiveness, BASF embarked on a digital transformation journey in 2015. The company now enters a strategic partnership with Dutch start-up company Ahrma Holding B.V. to jointly approach the growing market for smart logistic solutions. With an investment of €5 million in Ahrma shares, BASF is taking an important step towards a more transparent, reliable and efficient supply chain ecosystem.

“There is great interest in the smart use of logistics data as companies in all industries look for transparent, reliable information in real-time to optimize their supply chain,” said Raimar Jahn, President of BASF’s Performance Materials division.

Ahrma offers a complete, rentable supply chain solution consisting of a pallet coated with BASF’s polyurethane (PU) spray system Elastocoat® C and equipped with an active wireless transponder. Ahrma also offers its transponder as a stand-alone technology for retro-fitting existing assets or entirely new application areas.

First pilot applications of Ahrma’s smart pallet at BASF customers have proven the advantages of the system. The technology provided users complete insights on the position and movement of shipped goods, temperature fluctuations, load state and any possible impact or dropping. Such transparency was then used to improve processes, reduce waste and save costs.

But BASF and Ahrma don’t want to stop here. Together, they want to further develop Ahrma’s offering by bringing in complementary strengths of both partners spanning from internal use cases to supporting the enrichment of the technology. “We believe that there is great potential far beyond the chemical industry for an offering like this,” said Jahn.

“With customers in almost every market and industry, and a strategic path towards digitalisation, BASF is an ideal partner for us to further develop our smart platform concept and surrounding Internet of Things infrastructure,” said Erik de Bokx, CEO and founder of Ahrma.

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