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PPG Expects More Blue Automobiles on the Road in 2018

PPG Expects More Blue Automobiles on the Road in 2018

PPG unveiled its automotive color trends and data, citing blue as the fastest-growing color for automobiles across the world.

In 2016, PPG data showed that blue increased by 3 percent as a preference for luxury, midsize and compact cars. This upward trend continued across a number of regions worldwide this year, with blue increasing as a color preference for luxury cars by 5 percent.

While blue may soon become more noticeable in the automotive marketplace, the applications on vehicle types around the world remain unique. In North America, blue is a popular choice for luxury cars while a top choice among mini cars in China. In Europe, consumers prefer blue on sports cars more frequently than any other car type.

Blue continued to dominate the North American International Auto Show the past four years, with featured applications on the Buick Avista concept car, Audi Sport, Volvo S90 and S60, as well as on various Mercedes, Porsche and Lexus models.

PPG automotive color preferences by region for 2017 include:

- North America: White (25 percent) remained steady as the top color preference, while black (21 percent) and gray (17 percent) rose 2 percent and 5 percent, respectively. Silver (13 percent) dropped 6 percent, followed closely by red and blue (both 10 percent).

- South America: White (38 percent) continued to dominate in this region, while silver (31 percent) was close behind, rising 2 percent over prior year. Black (10 percent), gray (9 percent) and red (8 percent) remained other popular choices.

- Europe: White (32 percent), gray (18 percent), black (17 percent) and silver (9 percent) remained almost consistent with 2016, while blue (9 percent) saw an increase in consumer preference.

- Asia Pacific: White (44 percent) remained the most popular in this region. Black (15 percent) trailed, as well as silver (10 percent) and natural (10 percent), which includes gold, beige, orange and brown hues.

Comforting neutrals that consumers are craving in fashion, technology and their homes cause silver and gray to continue to be popular in automotive colors across all types of vehicles due to slight nuances in color and classic roots, Harrington noted. Chameleon-like hues that have gray and blue undertones remain top choices among consumers, as they represent calm, comfort and a middle ground.

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