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Arlanxeo Presents Innovative Solutions for Adhesives at FEICA

Arlanxeo Presents Innovative Solutions for Adhesives at FEICA

Arlanxeo is showcasing its product portfolio for adhesive applications and innovative solutions for the industry at this year’s FEICA, the most important European trade fair and conference for the adhesives industry. 

For the first time, Arlanxeo, the world’s largest supplier of synthetic elastomers, is represented at FEICA by both its business units, High Performance Elastomers (BU HPE) and Tire & Specialty Rubbers (BU TSR). 

Arlanxeo BU HPE is presenting its established products Baypren ALX and Levamelt. The chloroprene rubber Baypren ALX makes it possible to achieve excellent adhesion to various surfaces, thanks to its polarity and microstructure. In addition, adhesives can be manufactured very quickly with Baypren ALX. Moreover, Arlanxeo chloroprene rubber is extremely weather, UV and oil-resistant, as well as being elastic. A significant area of application for Baypren ALX-based adhesives is therefore shoe production, during which the soles are stuck to the upper, for example. Furthermore, however, these are also used in the production of mattresses and furniture as well as for fixing car interior trim and roofing membranes. 

Arlanxeo is expanding its applications development capability for adhesive production and testing by continually improving its methods, among other means. Current innovations in this area include endurance tests, so-called tensile tests, as well as different procedures for the production of adhesives and for the determination of the processing time. With these new application technologies, Arlanxeo can now support its customers with technical challenges in an even better, more efficient manner. 

The Arlanxeo product Levamelt will be used to formulate adhesives for adhesive tapes and films. The polar rubber makes it possible to manufacture plasticizer-free formulations and adhesive films, which can be removed without leaving any residue. The Levamelt portfolio offers a wide range of products of varying polarity, which enable the adhesive manufacturer to optimally adapt their formulation to the relevant product requirements. As well as adhesives, Levamelt is used as a modifier in hot melts and methyl methacrylate-based adhesives. 

Arlanxeo is presenting its solutions from the TSR business unit at FEICA for the first time. Thanks to its good adhesion, aging resistance and low air permeability, the product X_Butyl is the ideal polymer for numerous adhesive applications, such as transparent adhesive tapes, sealants for double glazing, high-quality hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesives, vinyl floor adhesives and even sealants for roofing membranes. X_Butyl is also used for self-fluxing, semiconducting electrical splicing tapes, thereby avoiding the need for separate layers of adhesives.

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