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Byelorussian chemical and petrochemical output rose by 5%

In the January-May period of 2005, Byelorussian chemical and petrochemical enterprises output rose by 5% year on year to USD 1.2 billion.

The Ministry of Statistics and Analysis reported that there was produced 2.6 mln t of mineral fertilizers in January-May, a 5.6% increase against 2004. The growth was due to the rise in potassium fertilizer production, a 6% increase on 2004 to 2.2 mln t. Nitrate and phosphate fertilizers output rose by 1.4% and 15.2% respectively.

The positive dynamics is registered also in the other chemical and petrochemical segments. Glass-reinforced plastic and GRP parts output grew by 20.8% in 2005 to 599 t. Sulfuric acid production rose by 10.4% to 333.1 thousand t. 234.1 thousand t of synthetic resin and plastics (up 5.3%) and 95.7 thousand t of man-made threads and filaments (up 3.5%) were produced.

Coatings output fell by 2.4% to 15.5 thousand t. Automotive and agriculture tyres production volumes also decreased by 7.1% compared with January-May of 2004 to about 1.2 mln tyres. The branch commodity stocks amounted to USD 155 mln as of June 1. All in all, the chemical and petrochemical industry of Belarus accounts for 12.8% of all the Byelorussian commodity stocks.

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