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Ukrainian KROK developed stabilizing fibers for asphalt concretes

Fibra-KROK additive is a mixture of heat-resistant polymer fibers with or without high-melting bitumen binder. The strength of these fibers is 40 times as much as that of cellulose ones. They are thermally stable at 230-240°С. Their equlibrium moisture content is lower than 2%.

According to the Fisipe company, polyacrylic fibers are two times more effective than cellulose fibers in asphalt concretes in terms of relaxation time.

The additive prolongs the operating life of asphalt coat.

The heat-resistant Fibra-KROK micro-fibers act not only as stabilizers, but also actively participate in redistribution of load pressure energy in all types of asphalt concretes. As a result, the micro-fibers enchase the resistance of asphalt concretes to cracking at low temperatures.

For effectiveness the Fibra-KROK additive is equal to imported stabilizing fibers, such as Dolanit AS.



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