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BASF stops making certain phthalates in Europe

BASF AG will stop producing diethylhexylphthalate (DEHP) and the associated alcohol 2- ethyl-hexanol (2-EH) in Europe and will shut down and dismantle its facility in Ludwigshafen, Germany starting Oct 2005.

The move was driven by health issues on the use of some phthalates in PVC toys, resulting in its replacement with alternative products, particularly C9 and C10 phthalates. This has triggered the European DEHP market to decline by about 50% since 2000.

The 2-EH facility has a capacity of 200,000 tonnes/y. The company also intends to shut down some manufacturing facilities at its site in Feluy, Belgium since they can no longer competitively produce phthalic anhydride, plasticizers, fumaric acid and butanediol derivatives. However, maleic anhydride will still be produced at the site.

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