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Belarus increases potash fertilizer capacity

Beloruskali PO RUP  (Belarus) plans to increase  potash fertilizer capacity within the framework of its Development Programme 2006-2012. It is expected that in 2012 Beloruskali  will produce 9 million tpa of potash fertilizer that exceeds  2005 indices by 12.5%. The programme provides for  gradual expansion of the production output. Thus, in 2006 the output will make 8 million tonnes,  in 2007 - 8.05 million tonnes,  in 2008 - 8.1 million tonnes, in 2009  - 8.2 million tonnes,  in 2010 - 8.26 million tonnes and in 2011 - 8.425 million tonnes.

For the realization of  this programme the company plans to invest USD1bn that exceeds twice the  investment planned in the previous Development Programme 2002-2010. The capital investment will be directed to maintainance and expansion of the  mine in order to increase the amount of raw stock. The company also intends to reconstruct minefields and concentration plants and improve raw material efficiency.

Besides, Beloruskali will level out the amount of mined ore by 1.538 billion tonnes in 2012 to supply all concentration plants with raw material.

Beloruskali PO RUP, part of the State Petrochemical Concern, is a leading potash fertilizer supplier at the global market  and the only potash chloride producer in Belarus.


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