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Titan CJSC commissions new reverse osmosis water desalination unit

Titan CJSC (Crimea, Ukraine), a leading titanium dioxide producer, has recently commisioned a reverse osmosis water desalination unit, said the company media-service.

The unit purifies industrial water cleaned in advance in pretreatment segment  through microfilters  and reverse osmosis membrane system, operating under high pressure  (up to 0.9MPa).  The pretreatment segment helps remove particles of suspended substances of average size 0.003mm. The pores of semipermeable thin film membrane let water molecules go through, but prevents penetration of dissolved solids (hydrated salt ions, organic compounds). Then, concentrated solids are washed out of the system while  desalinated water is directed to a  storage tanker and  delivered to the customers.

Despite considerable expenses, the new unit supplies the plant with quality desalinated water and reduces the amount of acid and alcaline waste waters.

The necessity for a new treatment system  appeared from expanded titanium dioxide capacity  and, consequently, lack of  purified industrial water in 2004. The worked-out ion-exchange unit for water desalination could not supply titanium tioxide production with desalinated water in full extent. The old unit has been reconstructed, but Titan CJSC plans to remove it at all.


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