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Saparmurat Niyazov appoints new chairman of Turkmen chemical enterprise

Turkmen President Saparmurat Niyazov appointed Gurbanguly Aitguliev as Director General of Turkmencarbamide Plant in Tejen town, and Chairman of Turkmnedokun (Turkmen fertilizers) Joint Stock Company As the Ashgabat correspondent of reports referring to the press-service of the head of state, Suleiman Khanov, former head of these enterprises, was fired by the relevant presidential decree for serious crimes and abuse of office.

According to the information released by the State News Service (TDH), the competent authorities have revealed Suleiman Khanov's participation in various crimes as graft and signing contracts that were not in the best interests of Turkmenistan.

In particular, he accepted the edible salt production plant constructed by the German Grimma GMBH Company for US$ 1 million to the balance of the Guvlyduz Factory despite the project had been commissioned with serious defects. As a result, the enterprise was not operating to its full capacity. Currently, the incurred doubt raising costs are under scrutiny.

According to the investigation, former Chairman of Turkmendokun JSC has inflicted considerable damage to the state by signing a number of disadvantageous contracts. The loss due to some of such contracts with foreign companies has been estimated at US$ 1,036,744.00.

Also, Suleiman Khanov stroke a number of illegal deals through a mediation of a Myrat Seyitnepesov, posing himself as a representative of various foreign firms in Turkmenistan. For instance, on May 30, 2003, on behalf of Turkmendokun JSC, Khanov concluded a sale and purchase contract with the US Orion West Trading company for 480 tons of technical iodine at US$ 10 thousand per a ton. In reality, Khanov and Seyitnepesov who had had nothing to do with the company but had signed the contract as its representative in Turkmenistan, exported and sold abroad 322.47 tons of technical iodine at the reduced commodity exchange price on the fraudulent scheme. For facilitating the deal, Seyitnepesov bribed Khanov paying him US$ 1,000 for every ton of the illegally realized iodine.

Under different pretexts, Suleiman Khanov violated the contract between Turkmedokun JSC and the Chinese Hunhe International Corporation of April 20, 2004, on purchase of technical iodine. As a result, the iodine to be realized to the Chinese partners at US$ 11,350.00 per a ton was sold to Myrat Seyitnepesov at a discounted price of US$ 10,000.00 per a ton.

The investigation has also revealed that through Khanov's fault the fine in the amount of US$ 108,476.00 was not enforced from foreign companies for the default of obligations on two contracts.

As the results of preliminary inspection and investigation have revealed, Khanov and his confidants caused US$ 1.756 million and Manat 3.7 billion damage to the state. Suleiman Khanov was also charged with committing other illegal acts.



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