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Altai Tyre Industrial Complex Begins Production of New Tyres

In August 2006, Altai Tyre Industrial Complex (ATIC) expanded a range of tyres by introducing three new types designed for agricultural purposes, said the company lately.  ATIC purchased  necessary equipment from Krasnojarsk Tyre Plant together with a package of documents and, at present, is adjusting operations to the new machinery.

Besides,the company is optimizing mould designs, assembly lines and engineering tools.

 8,3-20 tyre of B-105A type was designed for MTZ-50, MTZ-52, MTZ-80, MTZ-82 tractors used for farming and hauling.

8,3-20 tyre of B-105A type has an off-road tread pattern which guarantees adhesion,  treatability, low  slipping and low floor pressure  due to rare spurs.

21,3-24 tyre of IJВ-79 type is suitable for  SK-5, SK-6 and SKD-5 grain combines; KS-6 and RKS-6 root combines; SPS-4,2 beet loader; self-propelled combines; KSK-6 corn combine; KSK-4 potato harvester; KSK-100 fodder combine.Its tread pattern allows to fix a wheel on soft soil and stubble, and provides perfect adhesion and treatability. 12-16 tyre of L-163 type is meant for the following agricultural machines: SK-5, SK-6 and SKD-5 grain combines; RPS-10, KUT-3A fodder distributor; self-propelled combines; KSKU-6, KKS-6, KSK-4 and SKT-2 reapers. The universal tread pattern of the tyres is claimed to guarantee adhesion to solid surface, flotation on various soils and low slipping.  


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