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Polyplastic Group evaluates its 1995-2006 results

Polyplastic - Technopol Group ( Moskow, Russia) has evaluated  results achieved within the 1995-2006 period.

Over the analysed period the production output totalled about 130,000 tonnes of engineering thermoplastics  and 200,000 tonnes of polymer pipes.The company expanded capacity of the composite manufacturing to 8 extrusion lines at  Ochakovo site (Moskow Region). In addition,  Polyplastic created a joint venture in Samara and two regional representative offices.

At present, pipelines business involves 5 plants in Moskow, 3 plants in Ukraine and 2 plants in Belorussia with a total capacity of 140,000 tonnes a year. 

In 2006, the  pipe plant of  Polyplastic located in Klimovsk (Moskow Region)  was recognised to be the leading PE pipes producer in Europe by its  output.

Polyplastic- Technopol Group was founded in 1991. Originally it operated as a plastics plant. In 1995, the company had its own composites manufacture which was later acquired by Gaztrubplast Group, a Russian pipes producer, thus, turning production to a new expanded portfolio.  Now Polyplastic employs more than 3000 workers and  considered to be  the leading thermoplastics and PE pipes producer in Russia and CIS countries.



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