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Improved platinum catalyst could clean factory exhaust gases

Researchers in Japan have developed a new efficient platinum-alumina catalyst that can remove harmful compounds from factory exhaust gases. NGK Insulators, together with scientists including the Meso-Porous Ceramic Group's Toshihiko Osaki, developed a highly-porous catalyst that has a reaction temperature that is 100C lower than those catalysts presently in use.

The researchers improved upon catalysts that use precious metals supported on alumina, which are commonly used to remove volatile organic compounds (VOC) from factory waste gases. A new material, which also has an improved thermal resistance, has been developed and named "platinum-alumina cryogel" because of the freeze-drying process used in its manufacture. Chelating agents protect the platinum ions, leading to a homogenous dispersal of ultra-fine platinum particles in the catalyst, which is an important issue in industrial catalysts. NGK Insulators is now planning to test the cleaning of exhaust gases using the cryogel in its own factories. The company is headquartered in Nagoya, Japan, and specialises in equipment used in the ceramic industry.


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