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U.S. Patents Related to Plastics Additives and Issued Between January 2005 and May 2006

This article takes an assignee based approach to exploring what has issued in the field of plastics additives in the last year and a half. The companies studied were Ciba, BASF, and Cytec.


Ciba dominates the numbers as usual. Stabilizers dominated, and Ciba continues to receive patents for blends of light stabilizers, notably with Gugumus as inventor. Note the non stabilizer areas - namely, photoinitiator patents (U.S. 6,906,113; U.S. 6,906,113; U.S. 7,001,644; U.S. 7,001,644), and the polymerization catalysts U.S. 7,001,644, and antimicrobials (U.S. 6,849,686; U.S. 6849686; U.S. 6,849,686; U.S. 6,849,686). The light stabilizer blend patent claims from Ciba are becoming quite narrow. For example, US 6.878,761 claims a polyolefin composition which comprises at least one organic pigment, at least one sterically hindered amine light stabilizer, and as UV absorber a mixture of a 2-hydroxyphenyl benzotriazole and a 2-hydroxyphenyl-s- triazine. Some of the newer chemical classes of stabilizer are also appearing in more narrowly claimed patents. For example, US 6,872,764 claims a gamma radiation resistant polyolefin article being essentially phenol antioxidant- free and having incorporated therein a stabilizer system consisting of one or more hindered amine stabilizers, one or more compounds selected from the group consisting of benzofuranone stabilizers, and one or more compounds selected from the group of organic phosphites and phosphonites. In the pigment area 48 patents claimed pigments or their processes or compounds. Dispersants and surface treatments continue to be of interest (U.S. 6,849,679; U.S. 6,890,380; U.S. 6,896,726; U.S. 6,923,856). In U.S. 6,911,074 1,4-diketopyrrolo[3,4c]- pyrrole pigments are claimed entirely by absorption spectrum. In one other interesting development, Ciba has two patents claiming data storage media and chemistry (U.S. 6,924,082; U.S. 6,924,082).


Cytec is now also claiming UV stabilizer blends. U.S. 6,843,939 claims a composition comprising an UV stabilizing composition comprising an ortho-hydroxy tris-aryl-s-triazine compound, a hindered hydroxybenzoate compound; and a hindered amine compound containing a 2,2, 6,6-tetraalkylpiperidine or 2,2,6,6-tetraalkylpiperazinone radical.


Patent claims tend to focus on stabilization of polymers of interest to BASF, for example POM. In the pigment area, claims are directed towards solving dispersion problems (U.S. 6,849,686; U.S. 6,849,686).


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