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Crimea TITAN achieves 4.9% increase in sales

Crimea TITAN JSC, Ukraine, unveiled a 4.9% growth in the first half-year (2006) sales when  compared to the similar period in 2005, said the company on  August 14.

At the reported period the total output of the manufactured products raised by 5.2% to make USD80m.

However, some products output showed a worsening in Q1 and Q2, namely:
1) the output of titanium dioxide decreased by 730 tonnes to equal 42,700 tonnes. The company cited the decrease as  production modernisation; 2) the output of ammophos dropped by 9,000 tonnes to make 44,400 tonnes resulting from installation of gas and dust filtration system at the ammophos unit, long winter and delay in state subsidies payment to agricultural enterprises; 3) the output of sulfuric acid went down by 21,700 tonnes to make  255,600 tonnes after the line had stopped for major overhaul.

In spite of deterioration in these production areas, the output of red pigment raised by 270 tonnes to amount 2,500 tonnes. The sales totals grew by USD3,7m (4.9% ) and equalled USD78.4m.



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