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Crimea TITAN JSC registered Phosphogypsum as ameliorant

Crimea TITAN JSC received  certificate № 3 01 017 B  after the Ukrainian Ministry of Public Health had registered phosphogypsum, a by-product of fertilizer manufacturing, as  agricultural chemical (ameliorant). It is extremely important for the company as there are 3,241,419 tonnes of phosphogypsum kept in its storage facilities.

The company obtained the certificate after thorough investigations carried out jointly with the Ukrainian Academy of Science,  Kiev National University and the Institute of Ecohygiene and Toxicology.  As a result, experts defined phosphogypsum as a relatively innocuous compound and included it in the list of pesticides and agricultural chemicals that can be used as ameliorants in steppe and forest-steppe climatic zones.

Once targeted at finding disposal solutions, Crimea TITAN JSC signed an agreement with International Research and Development Center “Ekologiya Planety LLC” . Under the agreement the Development Center will carry out necessary research and provide recommendations concerning phosphogypsum preapplication treatment. The Center will also develop a technology of processing  the chemical into  binding material.        Furthermore,  Titan  issued  a schedule of environmental monitoring at the  disposal
areas for 2006-2007" and coordinated it with the Nature Committee of the Autonomous
Republic of Crimea. The enterprise keeps managing environment at the disposal areas
all the time and, luckily, 2005 monitoring figures did not show up any  deviations.

The following are yearly  Crimea TITAN expenditures for  pollution abatement (in USD):
2000 - 75,000
2001 - 111,000
2002 - 217,000
2003 - 295,000
2004 - 162,000
2005 - 3,395m

Certified in accordance with International Standard of Environment  Management ISO 14001:2001 ( July 2005),  the enterprise  spent more than 3,66 million dollars in total  for pollution abatement  in 2005 and  Q1 2006. 


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