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Monoethyleneglycol of Sibur-Neftekhim made available to small businesses

Sibur-Neftekhim products have at last become accessible to small enterprises and independent  entrepreneurs, company's press service reports.

Earlier monoethyleneglycol (MEG) produced by Sibur-Neftekhim (Russia)  was sold just wholesale. At present  every  MEG customer can purchase this material by any quantity,  even by  barrels. Many small enterprises in Russia use monoethyleneglycol as raw material at their manufacturing sites and just recently  had to acquire it through a network of distributors  from different parts of Russia.  Now they can collaborate with the original producer.

For the  first time  Sibur-Neftekhim  auctioned monoethyleneglycol  by small sized lots    in Moscow on  31, July. The lots  represented 370 tonnes of MEG  produced by  Dzerzhinsky plant of ethylene oxide and glycol.

According to  Gennady Fedotov, a head of Sibur-Neftekhim press service, the open auction system is convenient  both to the supplier and the customer. "This sale system enables the company to expand its sales  and makes this short supply product  of more access  for average and small businesses".

Sibur Holding LTD is planning  to conduct the auction monthly where, along with  MEG, it will  offer methyl-butyl ether and  other chemicals.


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