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Eurochem subdivision in Novomoskovsk enhanced fertilizer production by 7.3%

Novomoskovsk Azot JSC subdivision of Eurochem (Russia) produced 389,000 tonnes of mineral fertilizers in the first half year of  2006 with a 7.3% increase as compared to the similar period in 2005, informed the company on August,7.

Within the mentioned period the company manufactured 773,800 tonnes ammonia ( a 6.7% rise ); 402,600 tonnes carbamide ( a 13.9% rise ); 551,100 tonnes ammonium nitrate ( a 0.5% rise); 35,350 tonnes  nitrophoska grade 11:10:11 ( a 27% rise).

The growth in carbamide production can be  explained by advancement of two carbamide units carried out at Novomoskovsk Azot plant in 2005.

Developed by Azot experts last year, a new mixed nitrogenous limestone fertilizer has been increasingly manufactured  since January, 2006. The first-half year output  of this product totalled 16,100 tonnes which is by 16 times more than in the corresponding period of 2005.

However, the production of sodium hydrate worsened to make 30,560 tonnes (a  20% fall compared to the same period in 2005), liquid chlorine production decreased to make 12,440 tonnes (33.4%) as a result of reorganisation of  chlorine manufacturing and unstable market.

On the other hand, the production of powder calcium chloride totalled 2,270 tonnes( a  54.6% recovery), granulated  calcium chloride - 2,230 tonnes ( a 3.4% increase), sodium hypochlorite- 8,930 tonnes (a 6.2% increase).

The output of low concentration nitric acid has not changed since 2005 equalling 477,760 tonnes (98.7% of the last year results).Sulphuric acid production amounted 46,780 tonnes (a  30.4% rise), methanol production made 210,370 tonnes, that is  5.6%  more than in 2005.


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