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Sverdlovsk region government invests RUB900m in chemical industry

Chemical industry is a pivotal part of Sverdlovsk region economy with 20,000 people working for more than 200 chemical and petrochemical enterprises,  medical and microbiological institutions. For example,  Uralchimplast OJSC alone produces 70% synthetic resins of Russia.

The local authorities have recently elaborated a 2006—2009 development programme  allowing for RUB900m investment in  the regional chemical industry. Under  this programme, the chemical enterprises and institutions will obtain RUB150m of government subsidies and RUB133m of public  loans from the regional budget.

Thus, Uralchimplast JSC,  Nizhniy Tagil, is about to commission advanced equipment for  phenolic cresylic novolac resins.  Being named as "new generation resins", these materials attract a genuine interest of overseas companies from EU, China and Japan. Moreover, one of Nizhniy Tagil chemical companies has begun a production of  deicing agents and corrosion inhibitors. Uralchimplast  enhanced production  of thermoplastic elastomer  TEFLEX and concluded a EUR2m contract  with Hosokawa Alpine AG ( Germany )  stipulating for delivery of  high-tech pulver-bakelite equipment from  Germany.
Besides, Uralchimplast  set up a joint venture  Uralchimplast-Cavenaghi together with Italian  Cavenaghi S.p.A, an experienced manufacturer of resins for injection molding.  Uralchimplast-Cavenaghi  is to market resins for injection molding in early autumn this year.

Uralchimplast  and Itera International Group  signed an agreement providing for construction of downstream gas processing complex  in their newly created JV  UralMethanolGroup JSC. The EUR110m project  presents a gas-oil complex with planned  capacity of 400,000 tonnes per year, its commission is intended for 2008.

The Ural  Asbestos Products Plant, now  called UralATI Co. ( Asbest), continues to adjust up to date technologies  to  its woven PP sacks production. In September,  2006, the company plans to put manufacturing of carbon, graphite gaskets and  bands in operation. At the end of 2006,   UralATI Co. is going to finish the extension works on its polymer unit and just then, starts producing big-bags. Seven new grades  of  automobile and tractor friction products will come onstream in the nearest two years.

Ural tyre plant, Yekatirinburg, has installed high-tech vulcanizing formers,  a testing line for tyre  power heterogeneity  control , builders. At the same time, the company successfully tested and set up manufacturing of new brands of automotive radial tyres,  massive truck tyres Superelastic,  tyres for mini-tractors and sports motorcycles. In December 2006, Ural tyre plant plans to mantle and commission a Triplex line for  Troester radial tyres parts.

Ural Electronics Plant JSC is the largest manufacturer of optical media in Russia with a  Philips licence. It has realised the only project all over  Russia on CD-RW production, and in 2006 hopes to install 5 DVD lines  and an engineering complex. The total project cost makes  EUR7m.

The most important pilot projects of chemical industry in  Sverdlovsk region for the  2006-2009 period are as follows :

UralATI Co. - commissioning of  production of asbestos-free (carbon, graphite) gaskets and bands ( September, 2006);

Ural Natural Rubber Plant JSC – launching a unit on Prifak resins, which are used in rubber synthesis in February 2006;

Uralelastotechnika JSC- commissioning of a line producing large frameless shapes for buildings structures ( August 2006 ), and re-starting a line for continuous vulcanization BERSTORFF after repairs ( November 2006);

Ural tyre plant – commissioning of a Triplex extruder line manufacturing  parts for German Troester radial tyres ( December 2006);

Ural Electronics Plant JSC – launching  3 new lines producing  DVDs ( December, 2006 ).


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