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Plastpolimer JSC starts polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) pipes production

Plastpolimer , St. Petersburg,  Russia,  is planning  a  new production of corrosion resistant pipes made of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) in cooperation with a  fluoropolymers manufacturing firm.

Main consumers for these pipes are chemical  enterprises which use aggressive liquids and acids , manufacturing units of nuclear fuel cycle utilizing radioactive wastes,  semiconductors,  paper and cellulose industries, pharmaceuticals.  Worldwide practice testifies growing usage of PVDF in these fields. In Russia  PVDF pipes  as well as other fluoropolymer   products have  not  been much  produced   lately.

Fluoropolymer pipes made of PVDF are to substitute, primarily, corrosion resistant stainless pipes  produced from special grades of steel  for  pumping of  sulfuric acid and other especially aggressive chemicals. The undoubtful  advantages of  PVDF pipes are their law costs and weight, cleanliness, that  allows for  their usage in pumping of extra pure media, simplicity of installing and a short  starting period for reinstalled lines.

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