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EuroChem's enterprise in Novomoskovsk (Russia) started calcium chloride facility upgrade

EuroChem's enterprise in Novomoskovsk has launched investment project to upgrade its calcium chloride production facility and increase granular calcium chloride output to 15,000 tonnes annually, the company's news service reported.

Until recently the facility was capable to produce no more than 5,000 tonnes of the product. In addition, all equipment was completely worn-out: the facility has not seen serious upgrade for more than 40 years, with the operating cycle itself started in 1949.

The project involves the replacement of the drying system, and modernization of existing foam absorber in order to reduce dust emission.

Granular calcium chloride produced by Novomoskovsky Azot is currently in strong demand from consumers. It is sold in Moscow and Moscow Region mainly as efficient deicing agent.

The project, the cost of which is estimated at RUR 27.3 m, is expected to have been launched by the end of this year.


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