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Severodonetsk Azot JSC (Ukraine) develops two new projects

The project designing department of Severodonetsk Azot JSC has developed two projects concerning production of eco-friendly acrylic inks and polyethylene pigment masterbatches, said the press- service of the company.

The first project focuses on the production line with the capacity of 2 tonnes per year that will  manufacture polyethylene pigment masterbatches. This project  allows for the arrangement of the masterbatches production in the  household chemistry workshop.

The second project is centered around the production line for coloured water-based dispersion or acrylic  inks.

Both projects provide for the maximum equipment  and package  sealing to protect the environment. The  atmospheric emissions are cleared out in a sack filter. The refuse left after raw charging and colourant use is accumulated in specially installed posts and directed to a disposal area.

The projects has passed  metrological testing and conform to the Ukrainian Law "Concerning provision of the sanitary - epidemiological welfare of the population". The technical part of the projects  provide labour safety as well.

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