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Cherepovetsky Azot (Russia) proceeds with modernization of ammonia installations

The tender for the right to carry out modernization of two cooling towers, water rotation cycles ВОЦ-5 and ВОЦ-6, within the limits of modernization of the ammonia installations is arranged by Cherepovetsky Azot JSC. Modernization of the water rotation cycles is one of the main arrangements within the limits of the program aimed at increasing the production capacity of ammonia installation AM-76 up to 1,700 tons per day.

At present the first stage of the tender has been accomplished. Eight firms have been determined the proposals of which will be considered in detail by the management and specialists of the company. These firms include Agrostroiexport (Dzerzhinsk), SPIG S.p.A. (Italy),  TMIM LLC (Nizhnekamsk), NPK ELLIRON (Moscow),  Megaproject LLC (Angarsk),  EnergoGuigant LLC (Moscow), Tekhnika LLC (Moscow),  NPK Saint-Petersburg electorotechnical company (Saint Petersburg). Possibility of performance of a full set of works “turnkey” and post-commissioning servicing of the installations, apart from cost of services, serve as the main criterion for selection of a future contractor. The backbone of the forthcoming modernization is to increase the yield of produced cooled reused water. To this end, additional sections should be added to the currently operating cooling towers. This will make it possible to connect additional heat exchanging equipment required due to increased power of the ammonia installation and hence to variation of its thermal balance.

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