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Highlights from Crimsoda JSC Annual Board Meeting

The Annual Board Meeting (ABM) of   Crimsoda JSC, the largest soda ash manufacturer in Crimea, Ukraine, was held  a week ago  in Krasnoperekopsk. At the meeting  reports on  the company's activities  in 2005 made by   Board  Members, Monitoring Committee and Internal Audit Commission were listened to and approved.
Besides, the Board  approved the annual results   of  the company's activities  in 2005, order of  income distribution,  timing of last year dividend payments and the company's core operations for 2006.
The ABM  called O.V. Shevtsov and A.I.Nechayev  off the  Executive Board in connection with their unsolicited dismissal.
Economics Director G.V. Dyachenko was elected to be vice chair of the Executive Board, and  Engineering Vice Director V.V. Shmelkov was elected to be Executive Board member. Mr. V.A. Kopylov was re-elected to be chair of the  Monitoring Committee the same day.
Moreover, the new  members of  Internal Audit Commission were chosen.


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