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Lacos to launch a new water- based house paints Pragmatic

Lacos Coatings, a French-Russian joint venture (JV), based on the outskirts of Moscow, Russia, launched last month a new water- based house paints Pragmatic developed for domestic and professional use, the company's marketing department says.
Lacos Coatings, a company with core expertise in paints, is the only enterprise in Russia that makes use of the innovative technology of Allios Ind., a French industrial group uniting such known European paints producing companies as JefcoSylco and Soframap. Lacos presents the following brands of paints at the Russian market: Vincent, Soframap, Pragmatic.

In its operations Lacos utilizes a modular method, which allows to produce any type of solvent- or water-based paints by manufacturing and later mixing their components – adhesive pastes, fillers and admixtures. This technology unifies the set of raw materials considerably in comparison with traditional methods of paints production . Besides, this technology enables the company to carry customer orders out most precisely, following their needs on product features.

The new Pragmatic paints series is produced from raw materials delivered by reputed chemical companies. The manufacturing process is completely automated by Honeywell (USA). The paint-making equipment from Mettler Toledo (Switzerland) and Oliver & Battle (Spain) provides stable high quality.

A new series of Pragmatic paints is composed of the following water-based materials:

- Fasguard - acrylate paint of dim white colour for facades;

- Auqamat - acrylate paint of dim white colour for interior use;

- Aquaprim - a universal coating;

- Decomur - a thick coating of dim white colour including acrylic water-based polymers for interior decor.

Pragmatic paints are pastel-coloured and have more than 2000 shades. Most of Lacos Coatings' clients are CIS countries: the Russian Federation, Byelorussia, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, Georgia, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

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