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Transparency award for Metafrax (Russia)

Metafrax JSC, established in 1955 in Perm Region, Russia, is now a leader at the Russian methanol market. The company's products range from formalin, pentaerythritol, urotropine, polyamide to urea-formaldehyde resins. Raw materials and chemicals manufactured by Metafrax can be used for  plastics, dyes, artificial resins and adhesives.


As a result of an investigation made within the framework of international project  «Transparency award», Metafrax has been acknowledged as a  transparent company that has a high social status.


The participating companies were evaluated on the basis of their  financial statements' screen analyses and informational openness. The expert group was made up of audit companies specialists, representatives of analytical rating agencies, Russian-Swiss Business Club, and International Bookkeepers And Auditors Assossiation. The rewarding ceremony of Transparency  project laureates took place on 26-29 June in Moscow and Geneva within the framework of international conferences  «Transparency is a road to social responsibility».



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