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Empils JSC painted cruiser Aurora in war colors

Empils, leading Russian producer of paint and varnish, gave 1,500 kg of Oreol enamel for painting ship-museum Aurora, permanently moored at Petrograd embankment of the Neva River in St. Petersburg.

Empils provides sponsorship assistance to the legendary cruiser Aurora for the second time. In 2003 the company came forward to mass media reports saying that during budget allocation at the eve of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg Aurora was undeservedly «forgotten». At that time Empils helped Aurora to look stately and celebrate not only the city's jubilee, but the hundredth anniversary since the cruiser was included into the Russian naval forces.

The current painting of the ship is done on the eve of the scheduled summit of G-8 leaders in St. Petersburg in July. Oreol brand enamel is used for painting of upperworks - not the serial color, but specially selected harsh grey color, so-called «fumose» tinge.

It is interesting that the idea to paint military ships in fumose-grey appeared in the Russian fleet after Tsushima battle, in which, by the way, Aurora participated heroically, shooting at the enemy about two thousand artillery shells; 98 people of the ship’s company were killed or injured. At the battle near Tsushima Aurora was unconquered; the damaged cruiser managed to sail to Philippines and it returned to Kronshtadt after signing the peace treaty.

One of the reasons of the heavy losses of Russian fleet in Russo-Japanese war was unsuitable painting of ships; their pipes were painted imperial golden-yellow combined with black color. In parade order in dead water the color looked majestic, but in Tsushima strait the sparkling pipes of cruisers and battleships were a perfect target for admiral Togo's guns. After sad Tsushima experience all Russian military ships were completely painted in fumose-grey color, non-conspicuous at the sea-line.

Aurora cruiser captain 1 rank, Anatoly Bazhenov, received a Certificate of painting and read a letter of thanks to Empils in front of the crew, which says: «Today cruiser, painted with Oreol paint and varnish, looks more than ever beautiful in the centre of Northern capital - St. Petersburg. Aurora command and crew really appreciate the long-term assistance of JSC Empils, rendered to the cruiser. We express hope for long-living friendship and effective co-operation. We wish health and prosperity to all JSC Empils' employees».


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