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Workshops' reconstruction at the JSC Krymskiy Titan (Ukraine)

The updating works  have been expanded widely inside  of the workshop of sulphuric acid' concentration and color pigments at JSC "Krymskiy Titan" (Crimea, Ukraine).

The hydration kilns are being dismantled and later the warehouse for dried green vitriol will be constructed here.  Next to it the automated packing line will be installed. To endure the temperature conditions the premise will be isolated from environment. But there are some problems with foundation dismantling, because the concrete, made in Soviet times, is too durable. The new laboratory and electricians' workshop will be  placed nearby.
Formerly  the green vitriol was being dried in hydration kilns up to monohydrate state, but with the installation of "Algayer" drying rooms  the ferrous sulphate heptahydrate can be obtained. It will be possible to transport the new product at great distances and this will able to be stored for a long time. It means that this product will be in demand in CIS countries and outside of them and will allow to get a significant profit for the company. 

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