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Yaroslavskiy Kolorit (Russia) sums up its Q2 production results

Very good news from Yaroslavskiy Kolorit, Russian paints manufacturing company : as compared to 2005, the Q2 production results raised  by 62% in 2006, the press agency of the company stated. A dramatic  rise of sales is caused, primarily, by the new schemes of effective  co-operation...

EuroChem's enterprise in Novomoskovsk (Russia) started calcium chloride facility upgrade

EuroChem's enterprise in Novomoskovsk has launched investment project to upgrade its calcium chloride production facility and increase granular calcium chloride output to 15,000 tonnes annually, the company's news service reported. Until recently the facility was capable to produce no more than...

Reconstruction for the expanding of production at the Klimovsk plastic pipes plant

A new PE pipe workshop with the capacity of 20,000 tons, a workshop producing
double-layered convoluted PE tube with the capacity of 7,000 tons  and a
fitting-center with an area of 7,000 sq. m. were set into operation at the Klimovsk plastic pipes plant belonging to the Eurotrubplast...

Upgrade at Crimea TITAN JSC continues

The modernization project of Titanium Dioxide production at  Crimea TITAN JSC, Ukraine,   covers the period up to  2010, said the media service of the company.Crimea TITAN JSC  intends to carry out  complex modernization of its operations by 2010, Andrei Chernenko, the head...

Manufacturing unit of Kazanorgsintez JSC on fire

On June, 18 at 9.40 a.m. the fire broke out at the manufacturing unit of Kazanorgsintez, a Russian producer of LDPE, said the company press service.The fire had started  as a  result of seal failure of the equipment and  the following explosion  accompanied by ethylene burning. The...

Russian Vneshtorgbank's investments in Rustavi Azot

This year  Vneshtorgbank, a Russian bank,  intends to invest USD135m in Georgian economy.The bank official said that Vneshtorgbank  is going to finance Energy Invest, the company which owns the chemical plant Azot  in Rustavi, Georgia.Energy Invest won a tender on Rustavi Azot privatization...

Orgsintez (Novomoskovsk, Russia) starts Benzenesulphonic acid production

Orgsintez Ltd, based in Novomoskovsk, Tula Region, Russia,  started benzene sulphonic acid production at the end of June, 2006, informed its media-service. The acid is utilised in  manufacturing  doping agents for fuel and diesel oils. Besides, it serves as a catalyst in condensation and...

Severodonetsk Azot JSC (Ukraine) develops two new projects

The project designing department of Severodonetsk Azot JSC has developed two projects concerning production of eco-friendly acrylic inks and polyethylene pigment masterbatches, said the press- service of the company.The first project focuses on the production line with the capacity of 2 tonnes per year...

Kobul Building Systems Industries delays its investments in Sary-Tas JSC (Kazakhstan)

Kobul Building Systems Industries bound itself to invest USD185m in setting up a new plant on soda ash production with the capacity of 400,000 tonnes per year, has recently reported Kazaninform. The investment of  USD20m was to be made in August this year, but  has been  put off, this...

Georgia on the way to biodiesel alternatives

The Georgian  Union of the Oil Manufacturers, Importers and Consumers  has put forward an initiative on biodiesel manufacturing in Georgia, reported the news agency today.As the Union Chair, Vano Mtvralashvili said, biodiesel manufacturing will result  in  additional energy...

Draft decisions of Olainfarm JSC Annual shareholders meeting convened on July 31st, 2006

 Olainfarm JSC Annual shareholders meeting will be  convened on July 31st, 2006, said the media service of the company  on July 17th.The agenda of the meeting will include the following points:
1. Management Board’s report on 2005 results; 2. Approval of Olainfarm audited 2005...

Krasnodar rubber plant to launch a new vacuum gasket

Krasnodar rubber plant (Russia) has just announced the launching of a vacuum sealing gasket for the fixed joints of  vacuum systems, said the press-service of the company. The vacuum gaskets 7889 and 51-2062 can work at  8-70oC temperature range.  

Tomskneftekhim LLC sums up the production results for the first half year, 2006

Tomskneftekhim LLC, one of the largest producers of polymers, urea-formaldehyde resin and formalin  in Russia, has got ahead of the  planned production and shipping  figures, said the press-agency of the company.For the first half year of 2006 the company produced  109,985 tonnes...

Dow Corning HM-2510 hot-melt sealant offers longer working time, more flexibility

New hot melt technology from Dow Corning utilizes hot melt technology to achieve instant green strength of pressure sensitive adhesive (psa) with the high performance of a crosslinked silicone sealant, resulting in improved productivity, increased production speed and reduced costs. Dow Corning HM-2510...

SPA Khimvolokno (Belarus) introduced new assortment of nonwoven material

Belarussian company SPA Khimvolokno has recently introduced new assortment of nonwoven material "SpunBel" (Spunbond) for building designs of marks SK and SKL.
New marks SK - not laminated material "SpunBel" raw-white and dyed with the waterproof additive and without it,...

Cherepovetsky Azot (Russia) proceeds with modernization of ammonia installations

The tender for the right to carry out modernization of two cooling towers, water rotation cycles ВОЦ-5 and ВОЦ-6, within the limits of modernization of the ammonia installations is arranged by Cherepovetsky Azot JSC. Modernization of the water rotation cycles is one of the main arrangements within...

Sibur Holding wants Azot JSC (Kemerovo) to be streamlined

 Sibur Holding JSC wants  Azot to be streamlined, announced Alexandr Dyukov , the president of the largest Russian petrochemical holding at his visit in Kemerovo, informed the press service of the company.
At the meeting  with Aman Tuleev, the Governor of Kemerov Region,    ...

Propellant component processing factory has been put into operation in Azerbaijan

The opening ceremony of the factory, which will process mixed acid known also as melange (a component of propellant), took place about a week ago in Alyaty  settlement,  80 km to the south of Baku. Mr Abid Sharifov, the vice-premier of Azerbaijan, participated in the ceremony....

Ukraine: Lukor JSC to streamline its manufacturing

Lukor JSC, one of key players at the Ukrainian market of oil products, plans to streamline its manufacturing in three basic areas:  C4/C5 fractions hydrogenation, chlorine and PVC  production, said Sergey Chmykhalov,  Director of the Executive Board recently at the interview to Anatoliy...

Belneftekhim sells phthalic anhydride, NPK fertilizers by means of the electronic system of the tenders

From end of June 2006, export sales of NPK fertilizers produced by Gomel Chemical Plant JSC and phthalic anhydride produced by Lakokraska JSC are being carried out by electronic tenders (auctions) at the United Trading Site of Belarussian State Concern for Oil and Chemistry (Belnftekhim). Michael Osipenko,...

Highlights from Crimsoda JSC Annual Board Meeting

The Annual Board Meeting (ABM) of   Crimsoda JSC, the largest soda ash manufacturer in Crimea, Ukraine, was held  a week ago  in Krasnoperekopsk. At the meeting  reports on  the company's activities  in 2005 made by   Board  Members, Monitoring...

AB Lifosa (Lithuania) : recertification audit gives positive evaluation

The audit company „Det Norske Veritas“ accomplished external recertification audit of AB Lifosa. According to conclusions made, both systems—quality management and environment protection management—function successfully and no substantial violations observed. In the guidelines...

Chinese-Korean co-operation: Kumho Tire puts into stream in Tianjin

About a week ago Kumho Tire Tianjin plant started production in Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (TEDA), which is the largest tire production base in the northern region of China with the capacity of 5.25 million pieces/year today. With a total investment of US$210 million, the Tianjin...

Investments in chemical and petrochemical industries of Belarus in 2006-2010 will make USD 3.5 bln

Victor Plotnikov, the chief of an innovative section of Department of perspective development of concern "Belneftekhim" said at the seminar "Innovative technologies of creation of new chemicals and materials" (which took place as a part of the exhibition "Chemistry....

The largest PE solid wall pipe extrusion line in China

The largest PE solid wall pipe extrusion line in China , has recently had a successful test-run in the Shanghai Jwell Machinery Co., Ltd plastic pipe equipment workshop, the company's news service reports.
Facing the high-temperature weather, short date of the delivery, higher-technology...

Volzhsky Orgsynthese upgrades its Monomethylaniline unit

Volzhsky Orgsynthese JSC, a Russian company specialised on basic chemicals, pays a great attention to the technical reequipment  of manufacturing processes and quality improvement of its products.That is why the company set up to upgrade its   unit on Monomethylaniline production. The...

Kazakhstan government discusses Korean participation in the aromatics production project

A new project on aromatics production was discussed on 10 July at the government meeting, chaired by Danial Ahmetov, the Prime-Minister of Kazakhstan. The project  is necessary for plastics production and will be carried out within the framework of  oil development programme, said press-agency...

DuPont Russian Coatings hosts customer day

DuPont Russian Coatings - a joint venture between DuPont and Russkie Kraski - recently hosted a customer event attended by regional customers and automotive industry partners in Yaroslavl, Russia, the DuPont media service reports. During the event, DuPont Russian Coatings managers and various DuPont...

Gamma JSC (Russia) developed a new primer

Gamma JSC (Russia), holding a strong position at Russian high-tech paint materials market, now offers  a new epoxy-based two component primer "Epiprime-046" which meets State Standard 2312-055-27524984-2006 requirements, has informed the company's website.
The primer is recommended...

Turkmenistan to purchase chemicals to protect crops from weed and seed cleaning installations totaling some US $ 4 mln

Turkmen President Saparmurat Niyazov signed a relevant resolution with a view to increasing yields of wheat, cotton and other crops in Turkmenistan.

According to the document, the Ministry of agriculture of Turkmenistan is authorized to sign a contract with Globe Interstar AG (Switzerland)...

ICI sells Uniqema to Croda for GBP 410 million

Imperial Chemical Industries PLC agreed on selling its oleochemicals and surfactants business, Uniqema, to Croda International PLC for a gross consideration of GBP 410 million (GBP 1 = EUR 1,44), subject to closing balance sheet adjustments, including working capital and net debt. Of the gross consideration,...

KuibyshevAzot : installation works on polyamide-6 production line completed

A source in KuibyshevAzot JSC (Russia), one of  10 largest world caprolactam producers said that Installation  works at polyamide-6 second  production line had been recently completed. Simultaneously, the commissioning was being carried on. So, at present, the company...

GHCL Ltd (India) to purchase Soda ash unit in Romania

GHCL Ltd., an Indian Soda ash producer involved also in manufacturing some industrial chemicals and textiles, is set to acquire a second loss-making synthetic soda ash unit in Romania for around $24 million.  The acquisition of the 300,000 ton/year unit currently being run by a Romanian Government...

Transparency award for Metafrax (Russia)

Metafrax JSC, established in 1955 in Perm Region, Russia, is now a leader at the Russian methanol market. The company's products range from formalin, pentaerythritol, urotropine, polyamide to urea-formaldehyde resins. Raw materials and chemicals manufactured by Metafrax can be used for  plastics,...

New polymer articles from Metaplast (Russia)

The plastic production workshop of the Metaplast JSC (one of the largest Russian producers of crating and packing for food and medical products, operating since 1978) has recently started manufacturing of frothed trays with a moisture-absorbing layer that can be used for meat and poultry products. The...

Lacos to launch a new water- based house paints Pragmatic

Lacos Coatings, a French-Russian joint venture (JV), based on the outskirts of Moscow, Russia, launched last month a new water- based house paints Pragmatic developed for domestic and professional use, the company's marketing department says.
Lacos Coatings, a company with core expertise in...

ColorMaster JV to set up the production of the foamed paint in Gomel-Raton FTZ (Belarus)

ColorMaster JV,located in Belarus, is going to set up production of the foamed paint in Gomel-Raton Free Trade Zone, the Belarussian Telegraph Agency reports.
ColorMaster, a Russian - Belarussian joint venture, is incorporated as a resident entity of Gomel-Raton FTZ.
The capital investment...

Brakes to become more safe due to invention of Uzbek chemists

The researchers from Uzbek Scientific Engineering Complex “Fan vа Tarakkiyot” have patented the antifriction wearproof polymeric composition, the Uzbek  National Information Agency reports.The product developers enriched its traditional  composition (black lead and polypropylene) ...

Nitol Group to put epoxy production onstream at Usolyehimprom

Nitol Group,Russia, is  putting epoxy production onstream at Usolyehimprom manufacturing plant, says its press service on June,30.The epoxy production line has been recently upgraded and commissioned at Usolyehimprom  manufacturing plant.  At present, Nitol Group,the owner of Usolyehimprom...

Plastic Engineering & Technical Services opens new manufacturing facility in India

This month, Plastic Engineering & Technical Services began constructing a manufacturing facility in Chennai, India, the US-based company said . The new 2250 sq. meters manufacturing facility, opening in fall of 2006, will serve India’s rapidly-growing injection molding market. The latest Plastic...
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