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Ukrainian Ministry of Environment named the worst polluters of the country

The Ukrainian Ministry of Environment has recently listed the companies polluting the environment the most harmful way, informed "Titan" newspaper on 28 July.Among top ten polluters the Ministry mentions 1 chemical enterprise, 6 metallurgical plants and 3 power stations.The mentioned chemical...

Dow Chemicals and Izolan Form Joint Venture to Provide Polyurethane to Russia

The Dow Chemical Company and Izolan announced today the formation of a joint venture company that will provide customer-tailored, polyurethane systems products to a growing customer base in Russia. Subject to regulatory and other customary approvals, the new company, Dow Izolan, will be based in Vladimir,...

Rusal starts 5th boiler at bauxite and alumina complex in Guinea

RUSAL, the world's third largest aluminium producer, announces the start-up of the fifth boiler of the thermoelectric station at the Friguia bauxite and alumina complex in Guinea. Investment into the project to date totals over $20 million.The construction and start-up of the fifth boiler are part...

Eurochem subdivision in Novomoskovsk enhanced fertilizer production by 7.3%

Novomoskovsk Azot JSC subdivision of Eurochem (Russia) produced 389,000 tonnes of mineral fertilizers in the first half year of  2006 with a 7.3% increase as compared to the similar period in 2005, informed the company on August,7.Within the mentioned period the company manufactured 773,800 tonnes...

Bulk polyamide-6 production comes onstream in Moscow region

Kation, a joint venture of Anion JCC (Russia) and Nylacast (UK), has recently put bulk polyamide-6 production into operation in   Moscow region. The company has settled 1,000 tpa  manufacturing of bulk polyamide-6 (caprolon B) together with other polymers production at the site of Anion...

Stirol JSC (Ukraine) has its liquid Carbon Dioxide certified

Stirol JSC ( Gorlovka, Donetsk region, Ukraine) has  its liquid carbon dioxide certified after it had been tested by different experts including scientists from Bioorganics and Petrochemistry Institute ( Kyiv) , said  the media-service of the company. The testing results verified high performance...

Nizhnekamsk Refinery JSC selects Spherizone technology for a new 200 KT per year polypropylene plant in Russia

Nizhnekamsk Refinery JSC has selected Basell's Spherizone technology for a new 200 KT per year polypropylene plant to be built at Nizhnekamsk, Russia as part of a major refinery and petrochemical complex expansion. The project is scheduled for completion in 2011."Nine Spherizone process plants...

Kraski TEKS was awarded with Diploma of Russian Consumer Protection Foundation

The public expert council decided to award  Kraski TEKS JSC and its Moscow affiliate with Diplomas of  participation "Developing a civilized consumer market in Russia", after   reviews "Best in Russia", "Best in Moscow", "Best in Moscow District"....

Antianemic cobalt compound is patented by Uzbek scientist

Abdurafik Akbarov, an Uzbekistan scientist, has developed and patented a cobalt compound with antianemic and immuno restorative properties, said press-agency on August 1.Thus, cobalt has turned out to be an important material not only for industrial, but also medical use. In micro dosages,...

Azot, Pequiven to build several fertilizer plants in Venezuela

The Azot agrochemical company (Russia) and Pequiven (Petroquimica de Venezuela), the state petrochemical company, have signed a memorandum of understanding on construction of two or three fertilizer plants in Venezuela, the press release of the Venezuelan national oil and gas company PdVSA reads....

Russian Coatings Corp. increased paints production by 4 times

Russian Coatings Corp. has  enhanced manufacturing of decorative water-based dispersion paints by 4 times, said the company on July 27.Thus, a new flexible specialised unit for water-based dispersions has been functioning smoothly, and in 2005 Russian Coatings produced 587 tonnes of dispersions.In...

Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant Preparing for OHSAS Certification

Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant (NCCP JSC), Russia, held the first meeting
of Coordination Council on environmental management and labour safety. The meeting was dedicated to preparing for certification of OHSAS 18001:1999 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series), as the company...

Sverdlovsk region government invests RUB900m in chemical industry

Chemical industry is a pivotal part of Sverdlovsk region economy with 20,000 people working for more than 200 chemical and petrochemical enterprises,  medical and microbiological institutions. For example,  Uralchimplast OJSC alone produces 70% synthetic resins of Russia.The local authorities...

Unified Trading System to introduce chemicals of Australian ORICA to the CIS market

Unified Trading System (UTS),a group of Russian chemical companies, has started applying a wide range of flotation agents ( foaming agents and collectors) produced by ORICA, at the  CIS non-ferrous metallurgical plants. In the first half year, 2006, the product samples were tested at the leading...

Russian Coatings Corp.: the first half-year results

The general production output of all Russian Coatings units totalled 18,536 tonnes for the first half-year in 2006, reported the company lately.Russian Coatings Corp. has fairly raised its output exceeding the planned results by 304 tonnes, meanwhile, it realised 23,845 tonnes of products for RUB1,6bn....

Sibur Khimprom JSC announces financial results for I and II quarters

The production output of Sibur Khimprom  for the first half  2006 was as follows:171,728 tonnes of liquefied gases;
25,735 tonnes of propylene processed from pyrolysed raw materials;
12,012 tonnes of propylene;
16,607 tonnes of ethylene;
14,310 tonnes of methyl tertiary...

Karpatneftekhim (Ukraine) to dismantle its out of date unit

An Ukrainian chemicals producer, Karpatneftekhim plans to dismantle its obsolete vinyl chloride and caustic soda unit, after commissioning of the new one, which uses membrane method. The company considers it unreasonable to continue exploiting of the old unit because of  unfavourable price environment...

Unified Trading System (Russia) started deliveries of imported pentaerythritol

Unified Trading System, a group of Russian companies, is expected to gain access to the
pentaerythritol market, thus, increasing pentaerythritol deliveries to the Russian and CIS markets. Since yesterday they offer the imported product to domestic customers.Pentaerythritol is used for production...

Khimprom (Pervomaisk, Ukraine) to re-start functioning in mid-August

Khimprom ( Pervomaisk, Ukraine), a former giant of the Soviet chemical industry, have not been functioning since a  shutdown in May this year.  At present, the closed plant  features 700 ha deserted facility, 30 idling production units and 2500 employees not being paid for 4 months.The ...

Russian Ministry observes a balanced growth of the chemical industry

According to the recent data of the  Russian Ministry of Industry and Power Engineering, the growth of  chemical production in Russia in the first half year 2006 has made 102,5 %  ( compared to the similar period in 2005), meanwile mechanical rubber and plastics production amounted 111,1...

New extruded polystyrene foam unit opened at Nizhnekamsk Industrial Complex

The  Chemical plant named after Karpov JSC, Mendeleevsk, Russia, held an opening ceremony of a new unit for manufacturing  extruded polystyrene foam (XEPS), reported the press-agency of Nizhnekamskneftekhim INC on August 1.The ceremony hosted such promineet guests as  President of Tatarstan...

RSC UES and Russian Railways renewed their contracts with Yaroslavkiy Kolorit

The  Russian Stock Company  Unified Energy Systems (RSC UES) and Russian Railways  have renewed their contracts on paints supply with Yaroslavkiy Kolorit for the third and fourth quarters, has informed the media-service of the company few days ago.RSC UES and Russian Railways are the most ...

Net income of Akron chemical holding (Russia) rose by 3.6 times

According to the  International Financial Reporting Standards ( IFRS), the consolidated net income of  Akron chemical holding (holds the 5th place in Europe  with its mineral fertilizers production specialising on their nitrogen and mixed grades) in 2005 rose by 3.6 times and totalled...

Russian packaging manufacrurer Gotek-Litar accelerates production

On June 29 GOTEK-Litar JSC, Zheleznogorsk, Kursk region, Russia, concluded the largest contract in its history with  Canadian Emery, reported the company's press- agency. Under the contract, Emery is to manufacture and install  rotational vacuum extrusion machine Optimizer, producing transporting...

Izhevsk paints plant set up packaging of concentrated colourants in PET cans

Izhevsk paints plant, (Russia), has started packaging of the concentrated colourant in  PET  cans. The 500ml cans are not coloured and have the neck diameter of 58mm. The can has a  cylindrical form,  170 mm high which enables to place broad information about the product on a...

Two subdivisions of Eurochem were awarded with Russian Diploma of Quality

Two subdivisions of Eurochem, Novomoskovsk Azot JSC and and Nevinnomyssk Azot JSC,  were awarded with Russian Diploma of Quality within the framework of the Russian Quality Control Organization programme, informed the media service of Eurochem on July 20.The following products were awarded:

Fosforite IG turnout in the first half-year of 2006 stays at the previous level

Fosforite Industrial Group, a subdivision of Eurochem chemical company,  manufactured 380.9 tonnes of basic products in  the first half-year of 2006, has recently said the press service of the company. So, within the mentioned period, the company produced 277,700 tonnes of mineral fertilizers,...

A new drying system was put into operation at the butyl rubber plant of Nizhnekamskneftehim JSC

A new drying system was put into operation at the butyl rubber  plant of  Nizhnekamskneftehim" JSC, the press service of  Nizhnekamskneftehim reported.Its commission significantly  enhanced the performance of the reentrant products. Owing to  the new  drying system, ...

Amtel-Vredestein acquires Moscow tire plant

Amtel-Vredestein Group is acquiring the Moscow Tire Plant, including a recent upgrade of
production capacity and equipment at the Moscow Tire Plant-M, Alexei Gurin, general director of Amtel-Vredestein, said yesterday at a press conference. According to the terms of the transaction, the group is...

Tomskneftechim succeeded in reconstruction of its air-nitrogen plant

Tomskneftechim, Tomsk, Russia, has finished reconstruction works  at its  air-nitrogen plant,  said the media-service of the company on July 13, 2006. The works have been done within the framework of  RUB100m investment project  approved by Sibur Holding JSC.The company officials...

LUKOIL found an investment center to finance production streamlining

 The administration of LUKOIL JSC has decided to create an investment center on the basis of LUKOIL Volganefteprodukt JSC. The new center  will make construction orders on a viscosity breaking plant and  deep oil processing complex to be carried out  at LUKOIL-Nizhegorodnefteorgsintez...

Yaroslavl Powder Paints Factory (Russia) has almost tripled the production output

In the first and second quarters of 2006 Yaroslavl Powder Paints Factory, a part of Russkije Kraski, manufactured more than 320 tonnes of production, a triple increase as compared the same period of 2005. The colour range has been considerably expanded, making up over 50 colours (50% more than at the...

Yunusjon Loyiha-Servis (Uzbekistan) starts foamed concrete production

Yunusjon Loyiha-Servis JSC (Karshi, Uzbekistan) plans to start manufacturing of foamed  concrete for industrial use. The new product is fire retardant, environmentally sound and 5-6 times lighter than ordinary concrete, at the same time retaining excellent heat- and sound-insulation. Apart from...

Volzhsky Orgsynthese (Russia) to set up methanol storage tanks

Volzhsky Orgsynthese, JSC  recognized a necessity for storage of  larger methanol amounts as a result of a steady  increase in its  monomethylaniline and  methionine turnout, said a source in the company.Thus, the company decided to set up a number of methanol storage tanks at...

The customs duties on ethylene export have been raised in Russia

The Russian Federation  Government  approved  resolution N 445   "Concerning approval of the   duties  rates on petrochemicals exported from the  Russian Federation beyond the borders of the states -  participants of the Customs Union Agreement'"...

Two chemical plants to be built in Orenburg (Russia)

At the meeting with the regional government members , Orenburg governor announced that two polyethylene and polypropylene manufacturing plants will be set up on the base of the refinery in Orenburg , Russia.The new plants will enable the enterprise to turn from raw materials processing to more productive...

Empils is the largest manufacturer of paints in Russia, says Statistics Committee

The State Statistics Committee of the Russian Federation has summed up the results
of paint-and-varnish enterprises' work during the first 5 months of 2006. Empils
JSC (Rostov-on-Don) heads the rating of manufactures in this country.The full  rating is as follows :1. Empils JSC, Rostov-on-Don...

Plastpolimer JSC starts polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) pipes production

Plastpolimer , St. Petersburg,  Russia,  is planning  a  new production of corrosion resistant pipes made of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) in cooperation with a  fluoropolymers manufacturing firm.Main consumers for these pipes are chemical  enterprises which use aggressive...

Yokogawa Electric to participate in launching of petroleum refining and petrochemical production complex in Nizhnekamsk

 Nizhnekamsk petroleum refining plant said that Japanese Yokogawa Electric Corporation plans to participate in setting up of petroleum refining and petrochemical productions complex in Nizhnekamsk. In early July, 2006 Japanese corporation had presented automation facilities for technological processes...

Severodonetsk Azot (Ukraine) increased its production output by 5.5% in the first half-year of 2006

Severodonetsk Azot JSC increased its production output by 5.5%  in the first half-year  of 2006, that equals up to USD198m, as  IBE Trade Corporation (main shareholder of this Ukrainian company). The production of ammonia  increased by 1.6%, up to 505,660 tonnes, ammonium nitrate...
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