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TechnoCompound introduces range of PBT compounds

TechnoCompound, an independently operating full subsidiary of Polymer-Chemie and located in the same town of Bad Sobernheim, has announced today the addition of a new TechnoDur range of polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) compounds. Product manager Liborius Floper told that the company aims to produce...

Sumitomo Chemical to Build IT-related Materials Base in Poland

Sumitomo Chemical has announced plans to establish an IT-related materials base, Sumika Electronic Materials Poland Sp. Zo.o. in Torun, Poland, following major customer Sharp, who has announced plans to open a new factory in the same city. The new subsidiary will have the capability to produce 500,000...

JER Envirotech’s production facility started operations near Kuala Lumpur

16 August 2006 JER Envirotech, a global producer in wood-plastic composite compound and panel boards, has announced its production facility near Kuala Lumpur has started operations.The Canadian company said that it is able to produce panel boards using polypropylene and rice husk. Ernie Calica, general...

Glasurit® paints now available in Moldova

Glasurit® brand automotive refinish products are now being marketed in the Republic of Moldova. The official importer is Mobilis-Com srl., an official Glasurit® partner selling the top-of-the-line BASF Coatings' products from its headquarters in the Moldovan capital city of Chisinau. With...

Gomel Chemical Plant (Belarus) to advance sulphuric acid unit

Gomel Chemical Plant JSC, Belarus, developed a 2006-2008 retrofit project for advancing its sulphuric acid unit.Nikolay Maksimenko, a development department executive, said: "The project cost equals USD27.75m, from which USD7.5m will be invested this year. The major part of the investment will be...

Uninhibited formalin production now comes onstream at Acron JSC (Russia)

Acron JSC (Russia) commissioned a new unit for low methanol grade formalin on July 19, and just eleven days later, the unit reached its design capacity of 225 tonnes per day, said the company on August 14. The 75,000 tonne/year unit produces low-methanol formalin and urea-formaldehyde concentrate to...

Azerbaijan chemical industry 2006: development statistics

Official state statistics show that Azerbaijan produced USD6.3bn industrial applications and services in the first half 2006, with a  41.4% rise compared to the similar period in 2005. Thus, within the examined period, production output of refining industry increased by 9.8%, and the output of chemical...

Used tyres to be recycled into fuel in Estonia

For the first time in Estonia, there was developed a unit for recycling used automotive tyres, said on August 18.Though disposal of worn tyres is still a problem for producers and the state as a whole, nobody thought of their recycling because it was a very consuming process: the tyres had...

Navoiy industrial complex (Uzbekistan) expanding exports

Navoiy industrial complex increased an amount of exported goods in the first half-year 2006, said "Narodnoye Slovo" newspaper on August 9.Navoiy region ( Uzbekistan) is the largest center of chemical, mining and metallurgical industries of Central Asia. In the first half of 2006 exports turnover...

German company is to open silver coated mirror plant in Central Asia

There was an opening ceremony of Steinert Industries (Germany) and Interglass Ltd ( Kyrgyzstan, Tokmak) joint venture in Tokmak attended by the President of Kyrgyzstan, K. Bakiev,  and German company`s Chief Executive, W. Steinert, Kabar press-service has recently said.The new joint venture will...

Tajikazot reduces production of mineral fertilizers

Tajikazot, a Tajik-Cyprian joint venture, cut down its manufacturing capacities as a result of shortened natural gas supply, reported  the company.According to  Tajikistan Ministry of Industry,   natural gas supply decreased from 16,500 cubic meters per hour to 14,000, causing the...

Biodiesel plant to be set up in Latvia

Constructus, a constructing company of Lithuania, will build a EUR8.25m plant producing Bio-Venta grade  biodiesel in Latvia by autumn 2007, said the press-service of the company on August 16.Scheduled to be a biggest  biodiesel plant in the Baltic states, the facility has a planned production...

Pigment JSC (Russia) announces first half-year results

Pigment JSC, Tambov, Russia, reported a 74% boost in half-year net sales to RUB1.1bn compared with last year results. However, sales totals for some types of colourants and half products worsened. Hitting the profitability of  6.5 %, the company aquired half-year net income of RUB30.7m excluding...

Water consumption of Nizhnekamskshina (Russia) reduced by 9 times

Nizhnekamskshina JSC, a Tatarstan-based tyre producer, has been recently inspected by a  group of environment managers and Tatarstan Deputy Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Anatoliy Shchepovskikh. At the  evaluation meeting held afterwards, the company disclosed its water consumption...

Crimea TITAN achieves 4.9% increase in sales

Crimea TITAN JSC, Ukraine, unveiled a 4.9% growth in the first half-year (2006) sales when  compared to the similar period in 2005, said the company on  August 14.At the reported period the total output of the manufactured products raised by 5.2% to make USD80m. However, some products output...

Uzbekistan Law 'Concerning waste materials' impacts chemical industries

Ekosan, an environmental organisation in Uzbekistan, hosted public debates on how the Law 'Concerning waste materials' is being implemented, informed the UzA on August 16.In the course of the debates, the representatives of ministers, public organizations, environment managers and reporters disscussed...

Russkiye Kraski got new English name

The exacutive board of Russkiye Kraski, a Yaroslavl-based paints manufacturer, have approved a new   official trading name for the company, said its press-service on August 4.From now on, the company  will be called "Russian Coatings" in all official documents written in English....

Kaustik JSC renovates units with Siemens and Schneider-Electric equipment

Following a retrofit programme, Kaustik JSC (Sterlitamak, Bashkortostan, Russia) has started  modernising its manufacturing units with new electrical facilities from Siemens and Schneider-Electric, said the company on 4 August.The first part of Schneider facilities have already come to the site...

UTS introduces Austrian Duromineral chromates into Russian market

Unified Trading System (UTS), a group of Russian companies, now introduces Duromineral  lead chromate and chromate molybdate from Austrian HABICH GmBH into the home market, informed the company on August 10. The  crowns are of yellow, lemon and red colour and, as the company puts...

Universal PF-115 Enamel comes onstream at Kotovskiy Kraskograd JSC

Kotovskiy Kraskograd JSC  has introduced  Universal PF-115 Enamel, a new product in its PF-115 series, reported the company on August 2. Manufactured for years, PF-115 series meet Russian State standards.
Now 20% cheaper Universal PF-115 Enamelis is available in different colours...

Complex garden fertilizer for autumn application

In August 2006, UkrAgro Research and Production CJSC, Kyiv, Ukraine, started producing a complex garden fertilizer containing microelements for autumn application, said the company lately. Manufactured under Urozhay trade mark, the new fertilizer has  more balanced ratio of nutritious materials...

Orenburggazprom to Build Polypropylene and Polyethylene Plants

Orenburggazprom jointly with 'Sibur-Holding' will build up polypropylene and polyethylene plants in Orenburg (Russia). The estimated cost of each project is RUR22 billion and implementation period is 4 years for each project. By building up polypropylene and polyethylene...

Polyef JSC (Bashkortostan, Russia): second quater output and sales

Polyef JSC,  the only   producer of terephthalic acid in Russia, commissioned a second line for  terephthalic acid  having a capacity of 115,000 tpa ( the total capacity of the manufacturing facility is 230,000 tonne/year) in second quarter of 2006, informed the company. Consequently,...

Unified Trading System introduces Chinese colophony at the Russian market

Unified Trading System (UTS), a group of Russian chemical companies, has introduced  first grade colophony made in China to the Russian market, has recently reported the media-service of the group .Traditionally considered as a purely Russian chemical product, colophony will now be imported from...

Russian Kaustik JSC got one more award

As a resul of the annual contest, Kaustik JSC (Sterlitamak, Bashkortostan, Russia) was awarded a title "The Best Exporter"  among chemical and petrochemical enterprises in  Bashkortostan, stated the company on August 11.The award, showing Kaustik's committment to international...

Seventh extrusion line comes onstream at Lada-List Ltd

Lada-List Ltd., based in Togliatti, Russia, has launched its seventh extrusion line, this time capable of producing 2.2 meter LHDP sheets, informed the company on August 8. The line is equipped with special options enabling to enhance the product output and  alter colour , thickness, surface of...

Belarusresinotechnica JSC had its QMS audited

Belarusresinotechnica JSC, a largest Belarus producer of rubber applications, had its quality management systems (QMS) certificate  prolonged, said the company press agency on August 10.The auditor, "Register Technology Center" of Russian State Committee for Standards,  ratified the...

SIBUR Holding to invest EUR126m in modernising ethylene operations

The Investment Committee of SIBUR Holding JSC approved an extension project dealt with an  ethylene unit of its affiliate Sibur-Neftechim refinery (Kstovo, Russia), said the company.Along with the project realisation, Sibur is going to set up a  PVC facility  having a 330,000 tpa capacity...

PP manufacturing to be launched at Nizhnekamskneftekhim

Nizhnekamskneftekhim (Russia) is arranging to launch polypropylene operations by  having its pipes and machinery  flushed and hydrotested, electrical appliances run in and safety valves  calibrated.At the meeting held on August 8, the company's general director V.Busygin and ...

Slavchim JSC starts manufacturing of light Sodium Tripolyphosphate

Slavchim ( Donetsk region, Ukraine) has begun manufacturing and forward shipments of light Sodium Tripolyphosphate with   bulk density of only 450-550 gram per litre.The company  plans to sell the new product  to the plants producing detergent powder by
 dry mixing only.Slavchim ...

Crimea TITAN JSC registered Phosphogypsum as ameliorant

Crimea TITAN JSC received  certificate № 3 01 017 B  after the Ukrainian Ministry of Public Health had registered phosphogypsum, a by-product of fertilizer manufacturing, as  agricultural chemical (ameliorant). It is extremely important for the company as there are 3,241,419 tonnes of...

A plant on disposal of overdue drugs to be set up in Armenia

'We are going to set up a plant  on  disposal of overdue drugs  in Armenia', stated Mnatsakan Petrosyan, a Chairman of Armenian Welfare and Environment Committee, at his meeting with Christ Terling, a head of Belgium "Medicins sans Frontiers"."Expired medicines were...

Empils became the only Russian company in the world's largest coatings manufacturers' ranking

Empils took 64th position in Coatings World magazine's (USA) ranking with the production sales in 2005.Top Companies Report is annual project of Coatings World, which is dedicated to the world's coatings market. Ranking is based on sales of paint, coatings, adhesives, sealants and related products...

Bereznyaki Soda Plant to Launch New Production

In 2Q 2006, Bereznyaki Soda Plant started implementation of the project on the startup of production of "heavy" soda of the capacity of 500 thousand tons per annum. The facility is to be put into operation in 2009, the investment cost of the project is over RUR992 million.Until...

Performance of KuibyshevAzot OJSC in the first half of 2006

The sales of KuibyshevAzot JSC for 6 months of 2006 amounted to RUR 6,2 b., 4,9% down compared to the results of the same period of last year, the company's media-service reports.In comparison with the first half of 2005 net assets increased by 17% to RUR 6,2 b. The increase in production (in comparable...

Sumykhimprom JSC assesses its business performance for the first half-year, 2006

Compared to the same period in 2005, SUMYKHIMPROM JSC (Ukraine)  has slightly lowered its business performance, said the company on August, 8. Within the first six months of 2006, its  manufactured goods  totalled UAH337,431. (in terms of comparable prices) that constitutes 92%, compared...

Turkmenneft State Concern completed repair of delayed coking unit

Turkmenneft State Concern has recently finished a scheduled repair of a coking unit with 900,000 tpa capacity, said on August, 4.It was in 2003 when the company  advanced its delayed coking unit, thus, increasing its capacity by 300,000 tpa. From August 2004, the unit started operating...

Monoethyleneglycol of Sibur-Neftekhim made available to small businesses

Sibur-Neftekhim products have at last become accessible to small enterprises and independent  entrepreneurs, company's press service reports. Earlier monoethyleneglycol (MEG) produced by Sibur-Neftekhim (Russia)  was sold just wholesale. At present  every  MEG customer can purchase...

Belarus gave up the idea of processing potato into ethanol

Belarus found it unprofitable to utilise  potato as biofuel for ethanol production, said recently Sergey Banadysev, a head of Potato Growing Institute ( Belarus National Academy of Science) to media services when commenting on a 2006-2010 development project.
Dedicated to  Belarus potato...

Singaporean eco-friendly inks at the Russian market

Double V Groop, Moscow, Russia, has recently introduced a new series of NIPPON SPEED SOY-ECO offset inks to the domestic market. The company has been successfully distributing Singaporean Nippon SPEED series (Imperial Ink) at the Russian market since mid 2005.  NIPPON SPEED SOY-ECO series features...
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