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Belarus increases potash fertilizer capacity

Beloruskali PO RUP  (Belarus) plans to increase  potash fertilizer capacity within the framework of its Development Programme 2006-2012. It is expected that in 2012 Beloruskali  will produce 9 million tpa of potash fertilizer that exceeds  2005 indices by 12.5%. The programme provides...

First coupon rate over Sterlitamak Petrochemical Plant's bond issue worth RUB1bn has been set at 10.7%

The first coupon rate over the debut bond issue of SPCP Finance LLC, an SPV-company of the Sterlitamak Petrochemical Plant CJSC, was set at 10.7% at the placement auction, the сompany says.The issue is being placed today, October 3, by public subscription on the MICEX SE. The issue includes 1 mln bonds...

MRG warehouse in Russia burn down

Krasnoyarsk, Russia - Newslab reports a suspicious fire at the Sibtractor Ltd. warehouse of mechanical rubber goods in Krasnoyarsk on  Friday, September 29, 2006. The fire burned down at a total area of 100 sq. Chief Directorate of Ministry for Emergency reported that a step ladder was put to the...

Environmental Comittee Inspected Avdeevsky Plant For Gas Emissions

Having inspected the plant,  State Committee of Ecology and Natural Resources in Donetsk Region (Ukraine) recognised Avdeevsky cokery as a  complient to  environmental gas emission  standards, the press-service of the company reported.According to the survey, Avdeevsky...

Alfa Laval Receives Order from Russian Oil Giant LUKOIL

Alfa Laval - a Swedish company, world leader in heat transfer, centrifugal separation and fluid handling - has received an order for the supply of spiral and all welded plate heat exchangers to Russian oil giant LUKOIL. The order value is about SEK 50 million. Delivery will take place during 2007. Alfa...

Shchekinoazot (Russia) Introduces Ion Exchange Membranes

For more than 40 years  Shchekinoazot JCS stays the only producer of Heterogeneous Ion Exchange Membranes in Russia. Production is based on  purification technology of high quality domestic resins. In May 2006 JCS Shchekinoazot restarted production of МА -41I, МК-40L and МА-41IL membrane models...

Petrochemical Enterprises Transferred RUB14.8bn To Tatarstan Budget During 8 Months

Petrochemical companies of Tatarstan has manufactured RUB197bn products over January-August period this year. The volume index made 102.8% compared to the similar period in 2005, said Tatneftekhiminvest-Holding. The RUB197bn total  is made up of  RUB110.42bn by Tatneft, RUB38.8bn by Taif NK,...

Omya GmbH (Austria) opens new chemical plant in Russia

On September 26, Omya GmbH (Austria) launched a EUR15m marble powder plant in Subutak district (Agapov Region, Cheljabinsk, Russia), the press-service of Cheljabinsk Economic Development Ministry said. The new plant with  capacity of 150,000 tones of marble powder per year will  create...

Titan CJSC commissions new reverse osmosis water desalination unit

Titan CJSC (Crimea, Ukraine), a leading titanium dioxide producer, has recently commisioned a reverse osmosis water desalination unit, said the company media-service.The unit purifies industrial water cleaned in advance in pretreatment segment  through microfilters  and reverse osmosis membrane...

Svetlogorsk Khimvolokno Introduces Viscose Technical Yarn Meeting Super-2 Standard

Svetlogorsk Khimvolokno (Svetlogorsk, Belarus) has introduced a new high-impact viscose technical yarn, meeting Super-2 Standard. The conformance of new grade to Super-2 standard was certificated by European Laboratory in August, Khimvolokno Marketing Department said.  The  yarn  is used...

Khimprom JSC (Volgograd, Russia) to use Uhde Thyssen Krupp`s membrane technology

Uhde Thyssen Krupp, a  German engeneering company, has presented a membrane technology for chlorine and caustic soda production at Khimprom, said the company lately. The technology  could  enable Khimprom to improve   performance and reduce energy costs. In...

GRASYS (Russia) Is Awarded Grand Prix Diploma For Quality Equipment

ZAO GRASYS (Russia) was awarded  Grand Prix Diploma for quality equipment within the framework of “Oil. Gas. Petrochemistry – 2006” exhibition held on September 6-8, 2006 in Kazan, said the company press-service.GRASYS nitrogen plants were highly recognized by the contest committee...

Mendeleevskazot To Launch Ammonia, Carbamide And Methanol Manufactures

Mendeleevskazot JSC (Russia) plans to launch an ammonia plant to provide  ammonia nitrate production with raw material, Tatneftekhim CEO Rafinat Jarullin said.  In addition, the plant will manufacture methanol and carbamide. The project is invested by Tatgazinvest CJSC.By the end of this year,...

Bashkhim (Russia) to invest up to USD800m in capacity expansion

Bashkhim JCS (Russia) plans to invest up to USD800m to increase production capacity by  2010, the company's CEO Sergej Chernikov said at the petrochemical conference in Netherlands.By this time Bashkhim expects to have its principal enterprises modernized:Kaustik plant is...

Foster Wheeler (USA) Gets Tatarstan Contract

Foster Wheeler Ltd. (USA) said Tuesday its Paris-based unit won a front-end engineering design contract from CJSC Nizhnekamsk refinery for a new complex of refining and petrochemical plants to be constructed in Nizhnekamsk, in the Republic of Tatarstan in Russia.This award was made under an existing...

Russia-based JSC Technochim Holding plans JV with Saraf Agencies of Kolkata

 The Central Government has permitted a Japanese petrochemical consortium led by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation to go ahead with a foreign direct investment of Rs. 342 crore (USD73.1m) for the manufacture, marketing, sale and distribution of purified terephthalic acid (PTA) in West Bengal.  The...

SigmaMASH (Russia) to recycle polymer waste

SigmaMASH (Irkutsk, Russia) has developed a project to recycle waste PP, PE containers and PET bottles, Teleinform reported recently.The USD56,000 project, that SigmaMASH plans to carry out in three years, is expected to recover within 12 months.  New production is to create 7 workplaces and...

Nizhnekamskneftekhim Inc.(Russia) Enhances Ethylene Production to Annual 600,000 Tonnes

Last week  Nizhnekamskneftekhim Inc. finished  retrofitting  ethylene unit to  bring its capacity to 600,000 tpa, said the company on 21 September.The company has modernised a PP fractinator and depropanizer at the compression and gas separation units. In the pyrolysis unit,  ...

Volga Orgsintez`s Holders Affirm New Investment Programme

Volga Orgsintez JSC (Russia) recently held  a special  meeting participated by most stockholders, said the company media service. Among other issues, the Board affirmed investment programme aimed at building of a 80,000 tpa benzene nitration unit. The Board members also  defined ...

Belarusrezinatechnika JSC Starts Production of Rubber Hoses for Hot Gas Welding and Metal Cutting

Belarusrezinatechnika JSC (Belarus) has  started production of light rubber hoses for hot gas welding and metal cutting that meet State Standards ТU BY 700069297.031-2006, said the company lately.The products are used for pressure feeding of acetylene, gas, propane, butane,foel oil and oxygen...

Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers Intends to Privatize 5 Chemical Enterprises

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine suggested  Verkhovna Rada (the Parliament of Ukraine)  suspend  the act "List of  State-Owned Enterprises not Subject to Privatization" concerning 47 enterprises, reported Delovaja Nedelja. The list includes following chemical companies:...

Meroco plans to build bio-diesel plant in western Slovakia

  MEROCO company will build a plant to produce bio-diesel fuel by the end of 2007 in Leopoldov in western Slovakia, said news.nabou agency on 18 September. The plant will have a daily capacity of 300 tonnes of bio-diesel (methylester vegetable oil), and an annual maximum of 100,000 tonnes.The...

Chemical deals at Turkmen Exchange amount USD121,000

Last week has seen 29 deals made at the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan (GTSBT), said on 18 September. The production of the country's petrochemical industry was in high demand among foreign businessmen.  Thus, businessmen from the British Virgin...

Atamyrat Yazmyradov is appointed director general of Turkmen Iodine (Turkmenistan)

President Saparmurat Niyazov has signed a decree appointing Atamyrat Yazmyradov Director General of “Turkmen Iodine” Joint-Stock Company. The Ashgabat correspondent of reports the appointment is made with 6 month probation period. The iodine plant in Hazar town (former Cheleken),...

JSC Acron to supply resins to OOO Pfleiderer

JSC Acron (Veliky Novgorod) and OOO Pfleiderer (Podberesye village, Novgorod region) have recently finalized negotiations on supplies of urea-formaldehyde resin for wood-particle board (DSP) production. Construction of the Novgorod facility of wood-particle board producer Pfleiderer, a subsidiary of...

Surgutneftegaz may buy petrochemical unit from Yukos - 1

Surgutneftegaz  said Thursday it may buy a Siberian petrochemical asset from Yukos, as well as build a new plant in Russia, RIA Novosti said."We do not rule out buying ANKhK, or building a new plant in Russia," said Sergei Fyodorov, Surgutneftegaz's deputy chief executive. He also...

Farmak (Ukraine) to obtain EBRD credit

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) may credit Farmak (Kyiv), the largest Ukrainian pharmaceutical manufacturer, with EUR30m, LigaBusiness Inform said. Part of this loan will be sindicated with other commercial banks. EBRD Board plans to consider the issue of credit approval in ...

Nobody Injured In Sudden Leak-off at Stirol's Converted Gas Pipeline

On September 11, at 3.35 a.m. the converted gas pipeline of Stirol's ammonia plant (Gorlovka, Ukraine) gave a sudden leak-off resulting in damaged pipeline and other equipment, said the company lately. Nobody was injured.The incident attracted  emergency management and civil defence forces,...

Refrigeratig Station of Nizhnekamskneftehim Is Completely Overhauled

Nizhnekamskneftehim JSC says that it has completely overhauled the refrigerating station on its styrene and polyester resins plant. Along with common inspection, cleaning and replacement of equipment and fittings, this year the company wrecked  blind sections and set in  a measuring device....

Turnover of Chimprom (Russia) valued USD198.5m in H1 2006

The turnover of  Chimprom JSC (Volgograd, Russia) was valued  RUB1.787bn (USD198.5m) in H1 2006,  said the company's media service.Over the reported period, the company produced household chemical goods for RUB75m (USD8.3m) and crop protection chemicals for RUB403m (USD44.8m). The...

Russian Chemists Association holds a meeting to discuss Alabuga FTZ prospects

On 6 September 2006  the Russian Chemists Association held a meeting in Kazan within the framework of  "Oil, gas. Petrochemistry" Exhibition.The key subject of discussion was  Russian chemical and petrochemical complexes and their development strategies up to 2015. The meeting...

Kazakhstan Approves Regulations on Estimating Damages Caused By Violation Of Subsurface Protection Requirements

 The Kazakhstan Government has approved regulations on estimating the damages caused by violation of subsurface protection requirements, Kazakhstan Today reported lately. Effective for all subserface users, the regulations were developed in accordance with Kazakhstan State Laws on "Environment...

Polief Completing Construction Of PET Production Site

Polief JSC has involved more than twenty construction and installation companies to set up its PET production site, said the company's press-service. Polief is completing installation of manufacturing equipment, heating, ventilation and alarm systems. Along with works on bridging mounting holes, the...

Turkmenbashi Complex of Oil Refineries increases capacity of PP production

 Turkmenbashi Complex of Oil Refineries (Turkmenistan)  has seen significant growth of oil-refining and petrochemical  industries, due to  the succesfull  implemention of the strategic programme on production optimisation.Turkmenbashi Complex, a state-owned company,  ...

Dynea (Finland) Opens Branch Office in Ukraine

Dynea (Finland), a  distributer of adhesives and finishing materials, has opened a branch office  in Ukraine (Kyiv). The new branch, named Dynea Ukraine Ltd, will enable the Finnish distributer to strengthen its positions at the Ukrainian chemical  market providing  services to existing ...

SIBUR Holding JSC and LUKOIL-Neftekhim CJSC Join Zavod Selena LLC in Developing the Polyef JSC Site

SIBUR Holding JSC, LUKOIL-Neftekhim CJSC and Zavod Selena LLC took a fundamental decision on joint development of Polyef JSC site (Blagoveschensk, Bashkiria), the holding Press Center reports.Polyef JSC is the first Russian polyester complex with capacities for terephthalate acid, polyethylene terephthalate,...

Household chemistry products of Khiton (Tatarstan) were awarded performance diploma

On August 28, Khiton JSC became one of the company laureates awarded  "The Best Products of Tatarstan" Diploma in the consumer commodities category. This year, the company presented Sanor-Sekundant glass cleaner, Sanor-Universal all-purpose cleaner, Sanor  detergent for sanitaryware,...

KSRP Sealant Recognized to Be Best Product of Tatarstan

MaxSil 2006 sealant for automotive industry by  Kazan Synthetic Rubber Plant (KSRP) has won  the "The Best Products of Tatarstan" contest held within the framework of  "Best Products of Russia" programme.KSRP offers a wide range of  MaxSil 2006 sealants that have...

Saparmurat Niyazov appoints new chairman of Turkmen chemical enterprise

Turkmen President Saparmurat Niyazov appointed Gurbanguly Aitguliev as Director General of Turkmencarbamide Plant in Tejen town, and Chairman of Turkmnedokun (Turkmen fertilizers) Joint Stock Company As the Ashgabat correspondent of reports referring to the press-service of the head of...

Sibirskaya Metanolnaya Khimicheskaya Companiya Undergoes State Registration

Sibirskaya Metanolnaya Khimicheskaya Companiya, LLC (Tomsk) formed by SIBUR Holding JSC and Vostokgazprom JSC has undergone state registration, SIBUR Holding JSC Press Center reports..SIBUR Holding JSC, Tomskneftekhim LLC and Metanol CJSC founded the company each having equal shares.The authorized capital...
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