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EuroChem (Kingisepp) announces results for the Jan-Sep period

During the first 9 months of 2006, EuroChem enterprise in Kingisepp produced 566,200 tonnes of core products (96.9% of the year-ago level), of which 414,000 tonnes of mineral fertilizers (95.4% of the year-ago level), and 152,200 tonnes (101%) of defluorinated phosphate (phosphates for cattle feed, DFP)....

Meeting of Nizhnekamskneftekhim INC shareholders to be held on December 11

On October 26, 'Nizhnekamskneftekhim' INC Board of Directors held its session. Among other issues, the session reviewed calling of  general meeting of shareholders by way of absent voting to make a decision on increasing the authorized capital stock by floating additional ordinary...

International Paper and Ilim Pulp to Pursue Joint Venture in Russia

International Paper and Ilim Pulp, the largest forest products enterprise in Russia, have signed a letter of intent to establish a 50-50 joint venture, the largest foreign- domestic alliance in the Russian forest sector, said  International Paper lately.The joint venture would be created through...

Azmol JSC announces introduction of new Farben Hoff enamels

Azmol JSC (Berdjansk, Ukraine) started 1000 tpa commercial production of  Farben Hoff series including six new enamels, company`s press-service reported. The new series comprises PF-115  fast-curing alkyd enamels, PF-167 ship enamels,  AY-108 alkyd urethane enamels and GF-021 coatings....

Khimprom JSC (Volgograd) upgrades processing equipment

Khimprom JSC has retrofitted its basic  equipment at the chlorine, PVC and  calcium carbide units, said the company press service lately. This measure was aimed at reducing energy costs and manufacturing losses. In the course of autumn overhaul, the enterprise did a lot to increase environmental...

Nine month' output of EuroChem increased by 8%

EuroChem increased output of mineral fertilizers by 8% during 9 months 2006 in comparison with the similar period of the last year. The total volume of fertilizers production amounted to 259.6 thousand tonnes.The output of ammophos production grew by 10.3% to 155 thousand tonnes compared...

Nine months' output of Lifosa AB (Lithuania) grows 6%

During the first nine months of 2006 Lifosa AB, a part of EuroChem Mineral and Chemical Company, produced 584,750 tonnes of diammonium phosphate – a phosphorous-containing fertilizer and a core product of the enterprise. The output was 6% ahead of the year-ago level, informed the media service...

Output of Kovdorsky GOK excedeed RUB6bbn in the first 9 months of 2006

During the first 9 months of 2006, the output of Kovdorsky GOK, a part of EuroChem Mineral and Chemical Company, totalled RUB6.12bn (in comparable prices), or 100.16% of the level of the same period last year.The year-to-date output of iron-ore concentrate was 4.26 million tonnes, or 98% of...

Details of Turkmenistan Oil and Gas Development Plan up to 2030

During the 17th session of Khalk Maslehaty held 25 Oct in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan disclosed the plans for development of its oil and gas resources for the next 23 years, News Central Asia agency reports.The “Program of development of oil and gas industry of Turkmenistan up to 2030” has been...

Lukoil Net Income Rose By 55% In H1, 2006

According to the published report on  consolidated US GAAP financial accounts of LUKOIL for the first half of 2006, its net income in H1 2006 was $4,010 million, which is an increase of 54.8% y-o-y. EBITDA was $6,464 million, which is 50.4% higher y-o-y. Revenue...

Retal Industries Ltd. gains access to preforms market of Western Europe

Retal Industries Ltd. acquired PET preforms plants in Italy and Spain.This month Retal Industries Ltd. acquired Tombacco preforms, an Italy-based  company which has two PET preforms producing facilities in Italy and Spain. These will be the fifth and the sixth plants of Retal in Europe. The total ...

Russian Ministry of Energy Announced 9% Increase in Chemical Production

According to the Russian Ministry of Energy, chemical production in Russia in January-September 2006  increased by 1.1% against the similar period in 2005. The growth of polystyrene, styrene copolymers and caustic soda production resulted from expanded capacities  at Nizhnekamskneftekhim...

Russian Chlorine safety center affirms industrial safety of Khimprom’s chlorine storage facilities

The Russian Chlorine Safety Center has recently examined chlorine storage facilities at Khimprom JSC (Volgograd) for their industrial safety. The inspection affirmed that their operating conditions satisfy the present requirements. The Center evaluated different securety parametres: optimal temperature...

Generatsia Group takes over Dzerzhinskchimmash Plant JSC

Generatsia Group (Berezovskij, Sverdlovsk Region) has recently taken over Dzerzhynskchimmash Plant JSC (Dzerzhinsk, Nizhegorodsk Region), said  Dzerzhynskchimmash's press service. Elected on October 20th, the Board of Dzerzhynskchimmash's directors  has now...

Altai-Koks Ltd. starts up 5th Coke Battery

On October 20th, Altai-Koks Ltd. (Russia) held an opening ceremony dedicated to launching of the 5th Coke Battery, said the company lately. With the commissioning of the battery, total production capacity of the plant  will amount to 5 million tonnes of coke per year. This start-up is...

Jan-Sept, Novomoskovskij Azot, from EuroChem, upped fertilizer productions by 9%

In January-September 2006, Novomoskovsky Azot, from EuroChem, upped its fertilizer production by 9% year-on-year, AK&M said.Ammonia production rose by 4.6%, or 1.16m tonnes against the same period of last year. Production of mineral fertilizers increased by 8.7% to 591.75 thousand tonnes.Turnout...

Nikokhim Group to spend RUB265m for environmental protection

Nikokhim Group will invest RUB265m for environmental protection during 2007–2010, said Natalija Voronovich, a director of the Ecological center at the "Ecological projects of  Russian corporations" conference.In addition, Nikokhim will involve more than RUB100m of outward investments...

Acron holding to construct ammonia and liquid fertilizer terminal at port of Sillamae in mid-2007

Acron Holding plans to start building its own terminal in the port of Sillamae in mid-2007, according to information provided by the Holding’s press-service. The terminal will have an initial transhipment capacity of 1 million tons of ammonia and 700,000 tons of liquid fertilizers per year. Construction...

GRASYS (Russia) introduced equipment for process gases production at the PCVEXPO 2006

ZAO GRASYS summarized the results of its participation in the international forum PCVEXPO 2006 held on October 2-5, 2006, in the Moscow-based culture & exhibition center “Sokolniki”. The forum incorporating four international specialized exhibitions: “Pumps”, “Compressor...

Russian Nefis Cosmetics Introduces New BiMax

Nefis Cosmetics, the largest  detergent company  in Russia controlled  by a domestic investor, is marketing a new line of BiMax washing powder. The company has totally renewed its brand: this autumn  BiMax obtained a different formula, conception and package design. The...

'Savelovsky Machine Building Plant' Develops Plastic Processing Complex

 Specialists of 'Savelovsky Machine Building Plant' developed technological equipment complex for plastic processing and recycling: vacuum extruder with ER63-2 press and a line of supplementary equipment and transport systems of all types, FIS reported.
The new...

Nevinnomysskij Azot OJCS closes complex mineral fertilizer unit

Azot JSC (Nevinnomysk, Stavropol Territory, Russia), a producer of NPK ferilizers, has closed its complex mineral fertilizer unit for an overhaul. The contractor,  Nevremstroj Servis Company is supposed to carry out the most complicated works, while  maintenance service of Azot OJCS will do...

MICEX Commences Trading Acron Common Stock

On October 11, 2006, the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange began trading non-listed ordinary registered shares of JSC Acron, under code AKRN. The issue comprised 47,687,600 shares with a par value of RUB5, for a total value of RUB238,438,000. Acron JSC common stock has been traded on the RTS Exchange...

Polypropylene production launched at “Nizhnekamskneftekhim”

October 11, “Nizhnekamskneftekhim” INC put in operation a Polypropylene Production Facility 180 Ktpa. A solemn launching ceremony was attended by Tatarstan President M. Shaymiyev, TR State Council Chairman F. Mukhametshin, General Director of “Nizhnekamskneftekhim” INC V. Busygin,...

EuroChem Enterprise in Belorechensk Increases Fertilizer Output by 8%

In the first nine months of 2006 EuroChem Belorechensk enterprise increased mineral fertilizer output by 8% compared to the same period of the previous year. The total fertilizer output was 259,600 tonnes (in physical terms).The year-to-date output of ammophos (MAP) was 155,000 tonnes, or 110.3% of 2005...

Uralkali Decides Against Public Offering of the Company's Shares on the London Stock Exchange

JSC Uralkali (Berezniki, Perm Territory) (the "Company") has decided not to proceed with their public offering on the London Stock Exchange. According to a statement by Uralkali's shareholders it was not possible to achieve a successful deal at a price level that the shareholders believe...

Cherepovets-based 'Azot' Produces 40.4 Thousand Tons of Mineral Fertilizers

Cherepovets-based 'Azot' Produces 40.4 Thousand Tons of Mineral Fertilizers and this is1 % more than monthly plan and 4.232 thousand tons more than in September 2005. Monthly plan of ammonia production was outperformed by 3% - the plant produced 86.415 thousand tons of products, 2 thousand tons...

Production Launched At Krasnojarsk Mechanical Rubber Goods Plant After Four Years' Downtime

Production has been launched at Krasnojarsk mechanical rubber goods plant on October, 12 after four years' downtime. Deputy-governors Vitalij  Bobrov and Edkham Akbulatov participated in the equipment launching. The regional officials were met by Plant Director Mikhail Lebedev and Anatoly Buryj,...

Rape-seed Oil Plant to Be Set Up in Tomsk

Prod Ex Group, Tomsk, Russia, is negotiating for a construction of a 73,000 tpa rape-seed oil plant with Kemerov regional government.  The RUB350m project aims at building a new facility at the site of the former pipe plant in Topki, on the outskirts of Kemerov, by 2010. This year the unprofitable...

Usoljekhimprom Ltd. (Russia) optimises epoxy resins production

Usoljekhimprom  Ltd.  has started its epoxy resins line after modernization to become the only  producer of these resins behind the Urals. Usoljekhimprom installed the process line in 2000. In 2006 the line was retrofitted with 50%  production increase. The  enterprise has an ...

Establishment of Consumer Support Technical Center In St. Petersburg

A group of Russian and  Finnish companies have recently set up a  consumer support technical center to provide a number of services at the synthetic resins market. This project is realised by the Finnish group Innonet that comprises manufacturers of injection and injector molded forms:...

Akron Chemical Holding (Russia) Starts New Formalin And Amine Resins Production Units

Akron Chemical Holding (Russia) has recently commissioned a formalin unit having  full capacity of 75,000 tpa  and an amine resins unit with  full capacity of 105,000 tpa. The project investment makes more than USD20m.The new units have been installed at the operating formalin and resins...

Estonia intends to increase consumption of bioenergy

Estonian government officials from the Ministry of Agriculture, the Economics and Communications Ministry, the Science and Education Ministry and other executives have formed a special committee to develop a programme on  extended application of bioenergy and biomass in Estonia. The programme is...

Kazakhstan Eyes Petrochemical Expansion To Feed SE Asia

Kazakhstan wants to build 10 petrochemical facilities by 2015 with a view to raising exports of products "mainly" to southeast Asia, the country's prime minister said. "China annually imports 180 million tons of oil (and associated products)," Prime Minister Danijal Akhmetov was...

Titanium dioxide production in Ukraine

In August, 2006   titanium dioxide (pigment) production in Ukraine increased by 12%  (1,190 tonnes) compared with August 2005 to make 11,314 tonnes, Cherkasskij State Reseach Institute said.In August Crimea Titan  improved its output of titanium dioxide by 24% to 7,513 tonnes. At...

Russian paints market continues to grow

During the first half of 2006, Russian paints production increased by 8% to make 382,700  tonnes compared with the same period in 2005. Ten leading chemical companies that count for more than half of all paints output in the country are Empils CJSC, Kraski Teks Ltd,  Zagorskij paints plant,...

Highlights of tyre production in Russia over eight months 2006

According to the recent data, Russian enterprises produced 26 million pieces of various tyre types over eight months 2006 with a 1.5% decrease against 2005. The most serious production cutback was experienced by Moskow tyre plant JSC and Jaroslavl tyre plant JSC whose output  decreased by nearly...

Glassware Plant to Be Built In Crimea Soon

A glassware plant will be set up in Krasnoperekopsk, Crimea, Ukraine, by Q4 2008 to produce wine bottles for the local winemaking industry. The plant will employ 400 people.S. A. Goncharenko was appointed CEO of a newly created enterprise,  Krasnoperekopsk Glassware Plant JSC. Krasnoperekopsk town...

Navoiy Mining Metallurgical Integrated Complex And Ingichki Metals JV Launch Scheelite Concentrate Production

Navoiy Mining and metallurgical integrated complex (NMGC), Navoiy, Uzbekistan, jointly with Uzbek - Russian Ingichki Metals JV  will produce scheelite concentrate to be used as  raw material for producing tungsten and its alloys, Uzbekistan National Information Agency reported. The scheelite...

Production of Synthetic Resins And Plastics Increased By 4.4% In Six Months

According to Russian Ministry of Industry and Energy, chemical production in Russia increased by 1.4% in H1, 2006, while production of rubber  and plastic commodities grew by 10.5%, comparing with the same period in 2005.Production of synthetic resins and plastics improved by 4.4% caused by expanding...
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