Eurasian chemical market

E-number: Review of the Food Additive Industry

     The world market of food additives (without considering biologically active additives) is currently estimated at USD 24bn accounting for about 1% of the world market of food products. It shows an annual growth rate of 3%, which exceeds that of the global food market. The largest segments of the food additive industry are flavouring agents, hydrocolloids, acidity regulators, and sweeteners.
     The segments of fat substitutes, emulsifiers, antioxidants, and hydrocolloids are now experiencing the fastest growth. For instance, the world market of flavouring agents for 2005 was equal to USD 8bn and is expected to increase by 30% by 2010. In the years to come, the sectors of emulsifiers, antioxidants, and preservatives will also expand quickly.

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