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The Ukrainian Fertiliser Market in H1, 2008
Eurasian chemical market

The Ukrainian Fertiliser Market in H1, 2008

     Fertilisers are one of the most important chemical products. Nitrogen, phosphorous, and potash fertilisers as well as fertiliser mixtures are the most widely-used ones. This article analyses the state of the Ukrainian market of fertilisers including ammonium nitrate, urea, ammophos, superphosphates, nitroammophoska, and potassium chloride. In Q1 2008, the total country’s output of the above-indicated products amounted to 1.83 million tonnes as compared to 1.7 million tonnes with the corresponding period of the previous year. The demand for these chemicals has a seasonal nature. Certainly, the prices of fertilisers go up before the beginning of agricultural works in spring. For instance, in March, the average price of ammonium nitrate exceeded 300 USD/MT, taking into account the export price, while the price of the potassium chloride imported by Ukraine reached the level of 400 USD/MT. Our article gives detailed information on the state of the Ukrainian fertiliser market in Q1 2008.

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