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Urea Production in the CIS: Technologies and Prospects
Eurasian chemical market

Urea Production in the CIS: Technologies and Prospects

     Urea, along with ammonium nitrate, is one of the most widespread nitrogen fertilisers with a 59% share in 2007 (that is around 144m tonnes). Over the last few years, the urea production facilities tend to expand in the developing countries, while the developed countries reduce their production facilities. According to IFA, about 25% of the world urea output is exported. In 2007, the urea exports were estimated at 36.4m tonnes, a 15% increase on the same period of last year. Last year, Russia ranked second after China worldwide in terms of urea exports. Today, the CIS urea production is based on the full liquid recycle process (, Japan; NIIK JSC, Russia) as well as on the stripping process provided by Stamicarbon, Snamproggetti and Tecnimont. The Stamicarbon and NIIK JSC technologies are the most popular ones. In this article you will find more detailed information on the given topic.

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