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Metal Naphthenates: a Review of CIS Production
Eurasian chemical market

Metal Naphthenates: a Review of CIS Production

     Naphthenates are the salts of naphthenic acids. As a rule, these compounds are highly soluble in hydrocarbons and stable while in storage. Industrially, cobalt, lead, manganese, zinc, and copper naphthenates are the most widely used ones. In the CIS, only Russia, Ukraine, and Azerbaijan manufacture naphthenates. The demand for this product in the other CIS countries is rather weak. As a result, mostly, Russian, Ukrainian, and Azerbaijani companies trade in metal naphthenates and the feedstock for their production in this region. The article will give you further details on the key metal naphthenate producers, manufacturing processes applied, and an outlook for the future development of the industry.

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