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Selenium: the Element of the Moon: An overview of CIS selenium production
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Selenium: the Element of the Moon: An overview of CIS selenium production

     For quite a while the semiconductor industry has been a key consumer of selenium. The photovoltaic and photoconductive properties peculiar to all its allotropic forms make selenium an important feedstock for the manufacturing of the semiconductor products such as rectifiers employed in batteries, anode and filament circuits, as well as in measuring tools. The world output of elemental selenium is primarily derived as a by-product of electrolytic copper refining. Selenium is also extracted from the dust formed during the sintering processes in lead, sulfuric acid and in the pulp and paper industries. Recycling of selenium-based materials in photocopying machines and catalysts is providing a comparatively new source for selenium manufacturing. In the CIS countries, elemental selenium is turned out in Russia (three key plants), Kazakhstan (2), and Uzbekistan. Russian makers account for the lion’s share of the selenium output.

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