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The Russian PVC Market
Eurasian chemical market

The Russian PVC Market

     Polyvinylchloride is a large-capacity polymer and it ranks globally as the third thermoplastic after polyethylene and polypropylene with respect to its output and consumption volumes. In Russia, polyvinylchloride holds the second position after polyethylene. It accounted for 13.5% of the plastic produced in 2007.  The Russian PVC market is a rapidly rising one. For the period 2000-2007, the demand for PVC grew steadily and the market capacity increased 3.9 times compared to 2000. The growing consumption of PVC in Russia also makes it necessary to introduce legislative measures concerning the imposition of specific ecological controls on domestic production as well as imports of PVC including production at international joint ventures. These measures should be applied in accordance with REACH differentially, until Russian environmental legislation is clarified and adopted.

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