Eurasian chemical market


- Ukraine Plans to Boost Biofuel Output
- Ukrainian Polymer Market Rose Four Times for 2000-2006 Period
- Chemical Industry Sector of Ukraine Increases Growth
- Avdeev Coking Plant Finished Reconstruction of Coke Gas Cooling Unit
- Chemical Plants in Luhansk Region Plan to Manufacture Products for over EUR 220m
- Ursa to Build Glass Wool Plant in Ukraine
- Kyiv-based Plant Lakma to Launch a New Product – Flavoured Enamel
- Rivneazot Transaction Postponed
- Dupont Launched Direct Sales in Ukraine
- Bulgarian Kaolin Eyes Stake in Ukrainian Silica Sand Quarry
- Ukraine Instituted Anti-dumping Investigation for Ammonium Nitrate Import from Russia
- The Ukrainian Ministry for Economy Sets Indicative Export Prices for Chemicals in May
- Pre-reprivatising Stage of KremniPolimer to Complete by 2008
- Severodonetsk Azot Completed Air Separation Facility Reconstruction
- Stirol Began Upgrading of Sulphuric Acid Plant
- -Ammonium Nitrate Output in Ukraine Increased by 36.6%
- Sumykhimprom to Carry Out Superphosphate Workshop Advancement
- Ukrainian Paints Production Boosted by 9.3% in April
- UkrEximBank Credited EUR 875,000 for PolyVtor
- Brom to Increase Assets by EUR 1.3m

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