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The Overlook on Kaolin Production in the CIS
Eurasian chemical market

The Overlook on Kaolin Production in the CIS

     Kaolin is a light-coloured clay mineral which is primarily made up of kaolinite (content: Al2O3 – 39.5%, SiO2 – 46.5%, H2O – 14.0%) and quartz. A high degree of dispersion, white colour, dielectric behaviour, chemical resistance, good dispersing and wetting properties – all these qualities make kaolin universal filler for paper, rubber goods and cable, plastic and cosmetics industries. Kaolin consumption is growing in the CIS and in the world day in day out. In the CIS, the richest kaolin deposits are located in Ukraine which mines the mineral in large volumes. All key producers are expanding their mining capabilities from year to year. This tendency pertains not only to Ukraine but also to other CIS countries producing kaolin. This article will also tell you more on kaolin exports and supplies to the home market.

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