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Russian Innovations for Methanol Production
Eurasian chemical market

Russian Innovations for Methanol Production

     Methanol is one of the most important organic compounds manufactured by the chemical industry. Russian scientists and processing engineers make a significant contribution to the advances in technological productivity. The high competitiveness of Russian methanol in the world market is attributed to new developments introduced into production facilities. At present, the Russian Federation ranks fourth among world methanol producers in terms of output after the USA, Saudi Arabia, and Trinidad and Tobago. However, in their research, the inventors have been basically focusing on defining effective process parameters and upgrading reactor blocks. Fewer scientists are engaged in developing new catalysts for methanol synthesis. Little attention is paid to new processes connected with a dramatic change in technology, for example, the production of methanol from methane through methane-sulfonic acid. This article gives close consideration to several recently patented innovations in the field of methanol production, including those by EST-Invest Ltd, Metox International JSC, and Alga AT Ltd.

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